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Ranjani Ramesh

Fantasy Children


Ranjani Ramesh

Fantasy Children

At Wonderland...

At Wonderland...

6 mins 204 6 mins 204

Harry Potter, vexed and tired of being ill-treated by his aunt and uncle wishes to run away from home. But what could he do? His Principal has advised him against using his wizarding powers outside the Hogwarts School premises. Today was the height of it. He was really upset with the sad state of affairs he has to put up with. His aunt and uncle actually blame Harry for every bad situation they have to face in life. This was inspite of the fact that his cousin, Dudley always supported him.

He was hiding behind the door when he heard his Aunt Petuna calling for him, "Harry, Harry." But he was in no mood to answer her. He and Dudley decided that it was time to use Harry's magic wand and run away from home. He and Dudley decided to travel far away on his wand. They both sat on the wand and WHOOSH. Both of them just flew out of the window. Weren't they glad... but what did they know what adventure they were in for...

Elsewhere, Alice has gone on a picnic outing with her school. After going around the animal park and playing on all the slides, running around and most importantly laughing and giggling around with her friends, all the kids were sitting around, post the lunch. All were feeling drowsy after eating the yummy rajma chawal followed by icecream. 

Suddenly, she catches sight of a White Rabbit in a waistcoat running by her. She was amazed to see the rabbit pull out a pocket watch and exclaim that he was late. She couldn't find him anywhere and suddenly sees a rabbit hole. Alice goes down the hole and finds herself in a hallway. She wonders what to do and finds the door ahead beckoning her. She enters the door and lo and behold, here she's in a beautiful garden. 

Alice has never seen such a fragrant garden before. It was so different from the one she left behind. Intrigued, she began roaming around. 

She sees a beautiful boat and a lake with pristine water. And in the middle of the lake, she sees a monolith rock. Now, she became very curious to know what it was. So she decided to take the boat to the centre of the lake.

As she approached the boat, she saw it was written that one had to be less than 5 kgs to be eligible to sit on it. She was perturbed as she remembered her weight to be 16 kgs. Surprisingly, she found a small bottle there saying 'Drink Me'. Immediately, she gulped it down and surprise of the surprise. Here she was so much smaller than what she could remember. Gladly, she got on to the boat. As she looked up to the sky, she saw a flying broom with 2 people sitting on it. Yes, it was Harry and his cousin Dudley. Alice saw that they were also moving towards the monolith statue. Her boat started and she was also en route to it. As she reached the banks of the statue, she got out of the boat. She saw someone staring at her. 

She enquired upon him. The boy said that he was Krishh and he was here to collect the special stone from the top of the statue to save his father. 

"Who's your father?" inquired Alice.

"My father is the great scientist Rohit Mehra who has been captured by the evil man, Kaya."

"Oh, is it? Come on, I'll also help you in your venture," said Alice.

"But how will we reach the top of the statue?" 

"I can fly over to the top using my special power. But the only problem is that only a girl will be able to pick the special stone there. No one else can do it. It is stuck on to the crown of Lord Buddha here and will get released only when a girl touches it. Will you please help me in this, Alice?" asked Krishh.

"Sure, why not? We are after all friends now," said Alice.

"Ok, come on now, you need to sit on my shoulders, then I'll carry you up."

"Wow, exciting," said Alice.

So, Alice got on to Krishh's shoulder and held on tightly. Krishh used his powers and together they started flying to the top. 

But, en route, who's this?

Right across they find two boys on a broom. Shocked...was Krishh. What's this?? Am I dreaming?

Suddenly, they see the boy holding a stick in his hand. Pointing towards them, the boy screams," Stupefy!!" 

And Krishh and Alice get hit by the spell. Their visions blur momentarily and they both fall down to the ground.

Harry and Dudley come down.

Now Krishh lifts a massive rock and throws it on Harry and Dudley. "What's this?" Harry says, "Incendio!!" The rock splatters into pieces. The fight between Krishh and Harry continue and continue for a long time. Both showed their respective powers of jumping, flying, magical spells and strength. And there seemed no end in sight.

In the meantime, Alice and Dudley had moved away. Both of them, having no special powers were no match for Krishh and Harry. They started talking amongst themselves and Alice told Dudley the reason for which they were trying to reach the top of the statue. Alice explained how the stone was crucial for saving Krishh's father. 

Now Dudley understood and stopped Harry from continuing the fight by screaming, "HARRY STOP!!"

Suddenly everything was quiet and Harry and Krishh stopped fighting. Dudley explained the reason to Harry. Once, he heard the reason was Krishh's father, he asked for forgiveness. He remembered his own parents who were killed by Lord Voldemort.  Now, he told Krishh that he would also help them reach the top of the statue. Thus, the four of them joined hands together and as a team, they reached the top of the statue.

Alice picked the stone up and handed it over to Krishh. Her wish to see the statue was also fulfilled.

Now, the four of them went to Singapore on Harry's magic broom. They reach Kaya's den. Krishh hands over the stone to Kaya.

Kaya laughs out aloud and says, "Thank you Krishh for the powerful stone. This will help me become the Lord Of The World. You foolish boy, now you and your father have no more purpose to this world. I'm going to destroy you and rule over this world. Hahaha".

Krishh realised they were fooled. They then fight over Kaya's men and kills Kaya using Harry and Krishh's special powers. Thus they saved Rohit Mehra and put an end to the dark world of Kaya.

Krishh, Alice, Harry and Dudley promised to remain friends forever and returned home safely.

All of a sudden, Alice finds herself woken up, "Alice, Alice, wake up. It's time to catch the bus back home," said Alice's teacher. 

Alice was thrilled with her adventurous trip to wonderland and her new friends Krishh, Harry and Dudley. She was excited to reach home and share her experiences with her sister.

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