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An Indistinct Dimension

An Indistinct Dimension

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A dream which comes true is quite uncertain. But what if this gap between uncertainty and realty is tied up with a string so that any disturbance caused to the string on one side could be felt on the other?

Well, these aren’t my questions, these are the unresolved queries of Vigyansh’s mind. Yeah, so I am going to tell you about an indistinct dimension and at the end of this story, I will probably show you the way to this dimension.

Vigyansh, was an introvert and quite shy in nature. He would give ‘n’ number of reasons to avoid someone. He sure didn’t have a pretty great past as his mother died when he was 7. His father was a businessman and couldn’t spend a lot of time with him. So basically, he was just so alone that nothing could fill that void of emptiness. This feeling of nothingness petrified him. He used to sit in a dark room all alone and imagine things. We all do such things right? We all imagine. But something was different in his case. Let’s see what.

One day, after coming from college, he rushed into his room. He was sad. Since he wasn’t so social, he was so sensitive and extremely self-conscious. You could just pass by him and it might look as if he didn’t even notice you, but trust me, he noticed you ten times more than you noticed him.

So why am I telling all this? Well, I am just giving you a picture of his eccentric nature. It isn’t that no one liked him. Yes, he wasn’t very approachable but was friendly, once you get to know him.

Okay, I was saying that he once rushed into his room and looked a bit sad. Guess what happened. He got bullied by some of his seniors on his way to his class. They grabbed his backpack and took away his diary. Yep, you heard it right. A Diary. A new one. He had just bought it a few days ago. Vigyansh belonged to that class of people who maintain a diary and literally address it as their best friend. Don’t laugh, I am one of them too.

One of them started reading from the 13th page of that diary. It had a sketch of a girl with a few lines written on the top. Here are the lines:

Looking into the gloomy skies

Reflection of stars in your dreamy eyes

A desire for an eternal life

Just you, me, and our pretty lies.

Reading this everyone mocked at him as no one ever expected someone so stern to write something so romantic. This was the reason why Vigyansh was sad that day. Just like every day, he switched off all the lights of his room and peeked through his window at the sky. He kept thinking about all that happened to him and soon fell asleep on the floor of his bedroom.

The next day was going to be different for Vigyansh. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be giving spoilers but it won’t affect your interest for sure.

He decided to give up all the negative thoughts and forget the dark shadow of his life. He wanted to be reborn. So the next day he dressed up clean with a completely new look. The moment he entered his classroom, everyone was staring at him. He decided to sit on the last bench this time unlike the rest of the days when he sat on the very first bench.

Don’t you think he also might have a crush? Yes, he had. His crush Anamika just entered the classroom. She was the prettiest one in the whole college. Anamika was also surprised when she saw this new look of Vigyansh. Previously, Vigyansh used to sit all alone in the front but now a girl sat beside him and I think you know who that girl was. Vigyansh couldn’t be happier sitting beside his crush, Anamika. But he still was nervous talking to her. He didn’t know how to start a conversation with girls. Not even in his dreams.

Anamika was aware of the nature of this shy introvert. So she decided to say something. She complimented Vigyansh for his looks and their conversation went as follows:

Anamika: You look dashing today, Vigyansh.

Vigyansh: Thanks Anamika, I am glad to hear this from the most beautiful girl in our college.

Anamika: Ohh please, I am not that pretty.

Vigyansh: Yeah, that’s why almost every third guy of our college has a crush on you?

Anamika (Blushing)Could you stop it now?

Vigyansh: Why are you still single though?

Anamika: I didn’t find the perfect guy till now.

Vigyansh: So who is your perfect guy, miss Anamika?

Anamika: Ummm… Someone like you may be.

Vigyansh (Completely shocked and happy): Really? Do you think I could be your perfect guy?

Anamika (Blushing): I said maybe. We can decide on a coffee date, maybe.

Vigyansh: So you are asking me out for a date.

Anamika: Stop assuming things Vigyansh just say yes or no.

Vigyansh: Of course yes ma’am. I would love to have a cup of coffee with you.

(Both starts laughing)

So they met in the evening for a coffee and then the worst thing that Vigyansh could imagine was in front of him. Those bullies were standing just in front of him. They were shocked to see Anamika by his side. Their behavior towards Vigyansh changed within no time. They just said ‘Hi’ and left. Vigyansh’s happiness touched the sky and he was exuberant. Both had a very good time with everyone in the cafeteria staring at them. Vigyansh was so excited that he stood upon the table and asked Anamika out. Anamika was also happy on hearing this and instantly agreed.

Both started dating each other. Vigyansh’s life couldn’t be more perfect. He just remembered his old friend, the diary. He decided to show it to Anamika and continue writing from the 14th page.

One evening, Vigyansh read those four lines for Anamika and she kissed him. They kissed for like a minute which lasted for hours in Vigyansh’s mind. This was his first kiss.

After this beautiful time, when Vigyansh returned home, he wrote each and everything in his diary starting from the 14th page. He wrote about how he met Anamika, how he felt for her, how they kissed and every other precious moment spent with her.

This way days passed and both were very happy. Vigyansh’s happiness could be clearly seen in his diary. Looked as if his dear friend's diary was also happy for him.

Soon, came the last day of college. By this time, Vigyansh had become quite popular too because Anamika had changed his life. Some other girls also had a crush on Vigyansh which he came to know on the very last day. He had made many friends and most of the people were very comfortable talking to him. He thanked Anamika in front of everyone for all that she had done for him. They kissed on the last day of their college and promised to be together for the rest of their lives. Everyone clapped this time instead of just staring and judging the couple. Vigyansh wrote all these things in his diary.

Well, there is something you might find strange. Aren’t you? Vigyansh’s life changed instantly. This was the new version of him, Vigyansh 2.0 maybe.

I haven’t told you one thing. Some of you might have noticed till now what’s going on. If not, continue reading, you will get your answer.

So after updating his diary, Vigyansh went to sleep imagining his life with Anamika. He had a deep sleep that night. He couldn’t wake up till 9 AM in the morning until his father woke him up. He looked cheerful and went to have breakfast. After having his breakfast, he went back to his room and saw his diary lying on the table. He opened his diary to write all the things he kept thinking the whole night about Anamika.

He kept turning the pages and found that all the pages after page 13 were empty. He didn’t understand what had happened, for a while. But then he realized, that it was all a dream. It was all a game of his subconscious mind. Do you know what the actual situation was?

Well, let’s take a glance at that too. Vigyansh was the most boring person in the whole class. He was helpful and friendly sometimes but spent most of his time alone. And do you know about Anamika. Anamika was in a relationship with that bully who took his diary out and read the 13th page. Vigyansh has torn apart after realizing that all this was a dream.

We all dream like that. Not just while sleeping, but while doing nothing or sitting idle. We do this to fill the voids of our life. You might have got before revealing the fact that it was a dream. Everything was happening as Vigyansh wanted. That’s what we all do to escape from our miserable lives. We imagine something that certainly isn’t actually possible. We continue to dream until we reach a point where we realize that all this is nothing more than a fairy tale. I call this ‘the point of return’. So did you get what was the indistinct dimension? Well, this whole story was an unplanned game of Vigyansh’s mind. So Actually our mind is “An Indistinct Dimension”. It is a smooth way to escape from reality. So the string that joins uncertainty with realty is our own Imagination.

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