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Vatsal Parekh

Crime Thriller


Vatsal Parekh

Crime Thriller

Adventures With Brian And Robe

Adventures With Brian And Robe

16 mins 241 16 mins 241

THE DOUBLE-MURDER CASE It was a nice sunny day in England. A man who was living in England, named Detective Brian Lynd was a brilliant and a great detective whose capabilities were that he was a brilliant mind-reader; he could solve any mysteries, etc. He used to be accompanied by his friend, named, Robert to solve mysteries. 

Robert was very helpful, like: Anybody gets injured during the case then Robert could help that particular person to recover. So, to avoid nuisance he carries his own first aid box/Doctor’s bag.

 The date was 21st April, 1905 and the day was Wednesday. Brian was in his bedroom sleeping and Robert was reading newspaper in the hall. Suddenly a telephone call came. Robert picked it and said,” Hello, Good Morning. I am Robert. May I know that who am I speaking to?”

 “Hello Robert, Good Morning. It’s me, Jack Petachi.” “Oh Jack, it’s you. How are you? And how’s your retired life going on?” asked Robert.

 Just to tell you that Jack Petachi is a retired or you can say he is an ex-American military officer. He knew Brian and Robert very well as he [Jack Petachi] met both of them [Brian and Robert] several times before during cases when Jack Petachi was in military.

 “I am fine. How are you? My retired life is not going as per I thought.” said Jack Petachi. “I am fine. What happened? Any problem?” asked Robert to Jack Petachi. “

 “Due to a problem I have called you. Can you call Brian as I want to tell him something very urgently?” asked Jack.

 “He is sleeping, but I will go and wake him up.” said Robert.

 “No, don’t wake him up. I will come there in half an hour. Bye!” said Jack.

 “Bye, Jack” said Robert.

 As soon as Robert kept the phone, Brian came into the hall and inquired Robert that, “Who’s phone call it was?” Robert answered, “It was Jack Petachi, the ex-military officer. He needed your help.” “Why didn’t you wake me up at that particular moment Robert?” asked Brian in annoyance. “I said him that I shall wake him up but he said that,” Don’t wake him up; I shall come there in half and hour.” said Robert to Brian.

 After listening these words, Brian very quickly went to get ready, ate his breakfast and started waiting for Jack Petachi. After half an hour Jack arrived and greeted Brian and Robert very warmly and Brian and Robert did the same. They sat down and Brian ordered a glass of orange juice. Jack looked worried.

 He was removing his handkerchief every single minute to dab his sweat and he was sweating very much. Brian took that into notice and asked Jack that, “What happened Jack? Why are you looking so worried today? You were a very brave-hearted man. Is anything bothering you?”

 “What is it?” asked Brian.

 “There was an incident which took place with my Aunt and Uncle. They lived next to my house The date was 9th April, 1905. They were coming from a movie. The time was eleven past thirty in the night. They didn’t have car so they were finding a cab but couldn’t find it. So they decided to walk to their house instead of taking a cab. So they started walking. As the night was growing darker and darker the fear inside my aunt started growing wider and wider. My uncle was telling her that you do not worry, nothing will happen in every minute.

 After walking for a while, they heard a honking voice which was of a car. They turned back and saw a car coming. My uncle was waving towards the car to take a lift. The car stopped, the window came down. There was a man with her wife in the car. They asked my uncle and aunt that, “How can I help you?” In reply my uncle said that, “Can you drop us to our house. We live in Mayfair Street, house no. 510.

 “Sure, we are going towards Mayfair Street only, so we will drop you there.” said the man. My uncle and aunt sat down in the car. My uncle noticed that they were talking to each other in another language. Then the man saw my uncle and aunt in an ugly manner through the rear-view mirror. He dropped them at their house and went ahead. But the thing that happened the next day was even worse. I just went to see them. I saw that the door was open. First I thought that somebody has come to visit my uncle and aunt and my aunt has forgotten to close the door.

 I went inside and saw that everything was lying on the floor. I started calling my aunt and uncle but no response came from the other side. I went to my house, took my pistol and came back. I started searching the house. But in the last room I saw the dead body of my uncle. There was a letter which was lying besides the body of my uncle. The letter had patches of blood and the hand writing was of my uncle.

 It read,” Whom so ever reads it, please inform the police that my wife has been kidnapped by 3 people. I have a doubt on 2 people who gave me and my wife a lift yesterday in the night when me and my wife were coming from a movie. One was a man and another one was a lady. The doubt is because they were talking very peculiarly and the man was seeing us very strangely after that.” “Hmmm, a very interesting case” said Brian.

 “That is why I need your help. I tried my best to find the culprit but couldn’t find him. Even police were clueless. Now only you can find my aunt’s kidnapper and my uncle’s murderer.” said Jack. “Ok. But give me some time, as I need to study the case very deeply.” said Brian.

 “Ok. Thanks a lot, Brian.” said Jack and went home.

 Brian and Robert started packing their bags and went to the station to go to Mayfair.

 Brian and Robert arrive at Mayfair. They directly went to Jack’s house and started their investigation. First, they went to the police station to get the brief idea of the case.

 When they reached the police station, they met an inspector and asked him that, “Good morning Sir, I am Brian Lynd and I am a detective. I am here to investigate the murder of my friend’s uncle and kidnap of her wife and……

 Brian couldn’t complete his sentence and the inspector in delight said that, “Oh! You are Brian Lynd. I have heard a lot about you and your cases which you have solved.”

 Brian continuing his sentence said ……and I want to see the sub-inspector who was inspecting this case before me.”

 “Ok Sir, I will go call him and both of you please settle down in his cabin.” said the inspector.

 Brian and Robert went and settled down in the sub-inspectors cabin. The sub-inspector came in a minute. Brian and Robert greeted him and the sub-inspector also greeted both of them and introduced himself. “Hello, my name is Danny Joseph and I am the sub-inspector of this area. Then the sub-inspector asked them the reason of visit in the police station to meet him.

 Brian began the story. He said, “I am here to investigate the murder of my friend’s uncle and kidnap of her wife who is my friend’s aunt and after knowing that the police couldn’t find anything which could lead them to the right culprit. That is why to get a brief idea, I came here.”

 “We examined the whole place but couldn’t find anything other than a knife, a small bottle of chloroform, a handkerchief with DJ written on it and plus the dead body of Jack’s uncle.” said the sub-inspector.

 “So can I and Robert see the evidences which you got from the crime scene? If you allow.” asked Brian to the sub-inspector.

 “Ok, I will let you see the evidences. Please follow me.” replied the sub-inspector.

 Brian and Robert reached were the evidences were kept.

 The sub-inspector started to search for the evidences which were found in Jack’s uncle’s house.

 After some time with relief the sub-inspector said, “Ah, finally I got it.”

 After the sub-inspector got the evidences, Brian suggested that he should take the evidences to the crime scene, arrange them as they were originally placed.

 “Hmmm, ok not a problem.” said the sub-inspector.

 “Thanks a lot inspector.” said Brian.

 After saying this Brian and Robert left with the evidences. Brian and Robert informed Jack that we have got the evidences and we are approaching the crime scene and you also come quickly with the house key.

 “Sure, I am coming. You just wait outside the house. I would be there in 5 minutes.” said Jack. Brian and Robert reached the crime scene and waited for Jack. Jack came and opened the door. Brian and Robert went inside as Jack led them where they found Jack’s uncle’s body.

 The spots from where the evidences were found were marked as per their shape. Brian told Robert to see whether there were any fingerprints on the knife and Jack please help Robert in it. Brian started to examine the crime scene and found two things.

 First, Robert can you give me the bottle of chlorophyll as I am taking it to the medical store which is in this area to check that who bought it before 9th April, 1905.” asked Brian.

 Brian went to check in every medical store but there was no such medical store from where this bottle of chlorophyll was bought but there was only one such store that sold that same bottle of chlorophyll which was outside Mayfair. Brian asked him that who bought it and when did he or she brought it? The shopkeeper said, “It was a man who wrote D.J on the bill and the date was 4th April, 1905.” said the shopkeeper.

 “Thank you. Can I get the copy of the bill?” asked Brian.

 “Why not.”

 The shopkeeper gave the copy of the bill and after Brian got the bill, said thank you and went to the crime scene. As soon as Brian reached Robert was ready with good news too. When Brian came, Robert told Brian that I have got the fingerprints but the mark of it is very little. It looks like that somebody has tampered with it. “Have you got any clue, Brian?” asked Robert.

 “Yes, the shopkeeper told me that this bottle of chlorophyll was bought on 4th April, 1905 and it was a man who wrote D.J. on the bill. I have brought the copy of the bill. So Robert we need to find a man whose name starts with ‘D’ and his last name starts with ‘J’ or the opposite of it.” said Brian.

 Brian starts to examine the crime scene again. Then he asked Jack that at what place the knife spots were?

 Jack said that, “As per the forensic report a very sharp object was used. It went in a slanting way from the right side of our chest to the left side of the chest.” said Jack.

 Which means that the murderer was a left-handed?

 So now we have to find a man whose name starts with ‘D’ and his surname start with ‘J’ and he would be left-handed?

 Then Brian asks Jack that did had fight with someone or his family member was hurt by mistake when you were in army by you?

 No one’s family member was hurt when I was in army by me. Then suddenly it struck him in his mind that the sub-inspector’s child was killed by one of his men when a terrorist came to the city and we were counter-attacking the terrorist and a stray bullet killed his child. But as the captain of the group the sub-inspector blamed me for killing his child. The sub-inspector said that, “It’s your fault and you should have kept your men in control. You will regret.”

 Robert said that, “Looks like the sub-inspector had murdered your uncle and has kidnapped your aunt.”

 “No Robert, the sub-inspector hasn’t murdered Jack’s uncle and kidnapped her aunt. Yes, the first clue matches. The second clue doesn’t match at all. The last clue may match. The reason being, when we inquired with him about the case and told that we want to see the evidences because we are re-investigating the case, he could have made excuses and refused to show the evidences. When we asked the inspector that we are here to re-investigate the case and we want to inquire with the sub-inspector about the case so please call him. And that time he would have said the inspector to tell lies that he’s not here But he came and met us and gave us the evidences,” said Brian.

 “You have a point Brian.” said Jack.

 “Now Jack please go and sleep. We will do the rest of the work tomorrow.” said Brian. “Ok. Good night Brian and Robert.” said Jack.

 Robert went to his room to doze off, while Brian was checking all the pointers and the evidences. The whole night, Brian was checking the evidences. Next day, on a cold day, Robert went to Brian’s room. He saw Brian sleeping on the study table. Robert went to wake him up and while he was going to do this he saw a reflection coming into the room of Brian from the building opposite to their hotel room. The reflection was a bit strange. It was blue in colour with a red spot between it. Slowly-slowly the reflection started coming towards Brian’s head. Robert thought that why was the reflection pointing towards Brian. Suddenly he realized that someone from the opposite building was going to kill Brian. So, Robert without thinking pushed Brian off the chair and a bullet came and went through the study table on which Brian kept his head while sleeping. Brian woke up in a shocking look and asked Brian that what had happened? Then, Robert narrated the whole incident and by the time Brian was going to say thank you, someone knocked the door. Robert went to open it and he saw two people standing in front of him.

 Robert asked, “Yes sir, how can I help you.”

 But without saying anything, they attacked Robert with hockey sticks and then started walking towards Brian’s room. When they reached and were going to raise their hockey sticks on Brian to kill him, Brian took his handgun and shooted both of them. He tried to ask them the source through which they came to kill them but before answering it they died. After this Brian ran towards Robert and saw him full of blood. He was lying on the floor. He took him to the hospital and eventually saved his life. He called Jack and warned him to be safe. Straight away from the hospital, Brian and Robert went to Jack’s house hoping that Jack was safe. When they reached to Jack’s they saw that the house was locked. They called Jack thousand times but jack didn’t answer the phone. All days, they searched for Jack but they couldn’t find him.

 After a few days the newspaper came. Brian picked it and while he picked the newspaper his eyesight went towards the first page and he wasn’t able to believe it. In bold headlines it was written, “EX-ARMY OFFICER’S BODY FOUND.” He started to read the article further and when he came to the conclusion, he wasn’t able to believe his eyes. He called Robert loudly and told that Jack has died. He further said that it was a murder and again a sharp object was used and it went from right to left of the chest. They also found a handkerchief lying around the body with “DJ” written on it and this case too was being handled by the same sub-inspector who was handling the case of Jack’s uncle’s murder and his aunt’s kidnap. Suddenly, Brian started saying with worried look, “AND HIS AUNT’S KIDNAP! AND HIS AUNT’S KIDNAP!”

 “What happened Brian? Why are you looking so worried?” asked Robert.

 Brian saw towards Robert in an astonishing look and told, “Robert, so many days have passed but we aren’t able to find Jack’s aunt. Between these days we have seen two murders, one of Jack‘s uncle and the second one of Jack. Isn’t it sounding surprising? Let‘s examine it very closely.

 1. If the kidnapper wanted to kill Jack then he or she would have killed Jack’s aunt too on the spot when he killed Jack’s uncle instead he or she kidnapped her.

 2. If the kidnapper wanted money then why on earth, someone would kill a person who is the only source of income for freeing his aunt.”

 “You are right Brian but if we take the first option in consideration then were is Jack’s aunt and if we take the second option in consideration then what’s the story behind this.” said Robert whose points too looked valid.

 “I think that all the answers that we would get would be from Jack’s friends.” said Brian. “So let’s go. What are we waiting for.” said Robert. Both of them depart for the police station to meet the sub-inspector.

 After reaching, they directly go to the cabin of the sub-inspector and ask that do you know any friend of Jack.

 “Yes, but why do you want it. Do you want to inform them that your friend Jack has died.” says the sub-inspector in laughter.

“Sir, I respect you but that doesn’t mean that you will say anything which is nonsense. Please mind your own business.” said an angry Brian. “Ok I will give it to you.” said the sub-inspector.

 After getting the friend list of Jack with their telephone numbers from the sub-inspector, Brian and Robert went to their house.

 After reaching their house, they started calling Jack’s friends one by one and asked them that was there any problem in Jack’s family that would always lead to conflicts like: due to money or properties. They also asked that did they see Jack worried at times when you all used to meet. After a one hour search, they succeed in finding that one of Jack’s friend who seemed to be very close to Jack told, “One day we all met in a coffee shop. I noticed that Jack was looking very sad. So I asked him that what happened. He said that my aunt and uncle are fighting from the morning because of the testament which is on my name and will become mines after my uncle’s death. 

This decision was taken by uncle. My aunt feels that it should have been on her name instead of mine and you also my aunt that she is mad about money.” said the friend of Jack.

 “Thanks a lot.” Said Brian.

 As soon as Brian kept the phone, he went to tell the news to Robert. Robert went quickly to the police station, gave the phone number of the aunt and started to search her.

 The police took about two hours and after all this hard work; they found the location of Jack’s Aunt. The police soon informed Brian and Robert. As per the suggestion given by Brian, the police alerted all the shopkeepers and their spies to keep a track of what does she do and doesn’t do and also to keep a record of too. As per the instructions given by the police, each and everyone in the area kept a record of Jack’s aunt. They also took the address of the Jack’s aunt. After seeing the right time, the police with Jack and Robert surrounded Jack’s aunt’s house during the night. In the morning, when Jack’s aunt came outside to pick milk and newspaper, she was shocked to see the police outside. She tried to run away from the back door but was unable to do so. Getting fed up of this, she went onto the terrace and tried to commit a suicide. She did jump but Jack and Robert were so smart that they kept a soft surface on the ground which was hidden under the grass so that she couldn’t see what was down and also they covered the whole area near the building. 

As she came down, she was arrested and taken to the prison. The verdict was announced and she was sent to imprisonment. Now, Brian and Robert were able to give justice to Jack and his uncle. Then Brian and Robert now were able to attend the funeral of Jack and his uncle.

 “I hope that the spirit of my friend and his respectful uncle rest in peace.” said Brian on the event of the funeral of Jack and his uncle. He said the last few words while crying.

[The End] 

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