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Republic Day Sale: Grab up to 40% discount on all our books, use the code “REPUBLIC40” to avail of this limited-time offer!!

C R Dash

Abstract Inspirational Others


C R Dash

Abstract Inspirational Others

A Temporary Matter

A Temporary Matter

4 mins

Disha Patnaik was a highly sophisticated girl,the only child of a mini industrialist.The parents and grandparents boasted of her though she had no accomplishments.The only talent she had was to dance on the stage. The Lord had blessed her with a glamorous bodily structure which she had got tattooed all over.

Grandpa Dinabandhu Patnaik began to realise that his granddaughter was taking to the wrong path.She loved to drive her father's BMW car and she had a large number of friends,both boys and girls.She had her own study,own gym and a spacious hall like room where you could see all major musical instruments imported from abroad.Disha and Dinabandhu always clashed and she thought her Grandfather was her number one enemy in the world...He frequently complained to his wife and son of the girl's activities. But his daughter-in-law,the bahu of the house,always succeeded in silencing the trio.She herself hailed from a well-known and affluent family.Dinabandhu's wife Subarna tried to soothe him saying that the times were changing and they must adapt themselves to the new situations and practices. 

Dish's mother boasted that her daughter had every chance of becoming an industrialist.She was not good at her studies but that didn't mean that she lacked talent.Even when it came to her notice that her daughter was taking alcohol and regularly smoked branded cigarettes,she didn't scold her daughter...!

Dinabandhu's son Mohan Charan and daughter-in-law Shibani were always at war over the out of the way activities of their daughter.Even when covid19 arrived in Bhubaneswar and during the lockdown and the weekly shutdowns, Disha didn't stop her activities.She would be found either at her laptop or on one of her iPhones.She was doing her post-graduation in management and I was employed as her English tutor. Her behaviour was not good.She was remarkably fluent in English but she sometimes made terrible mistakes.They were giving me six thousand rupees last year.

Now Disha is in Germany pursuing her higher studies. 

During the cruel lockdown phase of covid19 last year,Disha lost her mother.When the lockdown came to a close and life in the city turned normal,her father called me one afternoon and told me to resume my usual offline classes,I went to her house.I was perplexed to notice a change in her behaviour.For the first time she served me excellent coffee and some tasty biscuits. She too had said Namaskar to me for the first time. Her humility and charitable behaviour with me made me doubtful of the truth of them..

On the day of the fourth class,I saw a large photo of her mother on a wall decked with a sober artificial garland.I also saw half-burnt remnants of incense sticks below the photo...!I got chilled inside and came to know that her mother was no more. I wondered whether it would be wise to ask her how her mother died.I got immensely scared as was my natural tendency realising my habitual blatant indifference to the outside world. At home I would be my guard not to be caught forgetting something important.The year, the day ,month and year of my marriage I would often recall to ensure that I remembered them correctly.Also I am equally alert about my daughter's birth details. 

My daughter and wife virulently attack me and take me to task for being absolutely absorbed in my own world.This is the reason why I have to be very careful and cautious when at home. 

I cursed myself for my ignorance. Her father talked to me for the first time in a friendly and humane way. He said,"You must know about our situation now. A lot of money was wasted but she failed to recover.What's the use of having money Sir? Life is a strange affair..."

They were a very proud and haughty family shouting harsh hurtful words at the watchmen and workers. Now I didn't attach any importance to what they said.A death in the family had just brought about a brief span of charity and goodness in their lives.They would again become their former selves. 

This year Disha got married to a boy of her own choice.The boy hails from a middle class Gujarati family.Dish's grandparents are also proud but not so much as to be as brutish as her father and late mother. 

Disha and her husband are in Germany now. They read whatever I send them and give their opinions and comments.Life goes on. I wish Disha and her husband remained just as wealthy as they are now so that they don't get transformed into denatured cruel human beings.

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