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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Abhishu sharma

Drama Inspirational


Abhishu sharma

Drama Inspirational

A Conversation for Motivation

A Conversation for Motivation

3 mins

A conversation between a teenager son and father

Father: How are you feeling today, Son?

Son who was lost in his own thoughts, thinking about the yesterday’s events

Father came near to him, making one more effort since the last evening to make his son feel the warmth of his love,giving another try making him feel normal about the last evening mishap .

 The father placed his hand on his shoulders. Son sensed his touch and the tears started coming out of his eyes.

Father: My Son! First of all, In the boxing ring ,whatever happened yesterday, the whole mistake was not yours and in some hypothetical world if it is yours then also what bad had happened or what change it did between us? Am I not yours, son?


Son: Yes papa I know but the intensity of that punch was…………Now I realize I was not only “boxing” at that time but was taking……….

Father placed his finger on son’s lips and kissed him on his wet eyes.

Father: I know my Love what you were thinking at that time. I see myself in you. I was just the same when I was your age. Let me live my childhood, my youth, My Life again with you, in you. Whatever will happen in the future, always remember this one thing which I too have learned from the greatness of sport that Motivation is just a stepping stone in the journey of inspiration.

 Inspiration is a life-long process in which motivation is necessary sometimes, to progress in life, to keep on going in our work.

Son, after very keenly listening to his father,

Son: Got it dadda. I love you papa.

Father: I love you too, my son. You are my sweet little world in this huge delusional big sphere. Now, coming back to your unsaid words, Look son!, sometimes in this phase of your life, we are unable to visualize the difference between right and wrong and external reasons are also behind it. So, wearing those specs which is made by the perception of these external factors, resulting giving a twinkling but fake vision to us and thus, many things we do at this age which looks all nice and glittery, sparkling and shiny for the near future but proved out as a big blunder when visualize it with naked eyes, hid in a blink. Still these are the secondary elements for me here because these are the things which are bound to happen and make us understand things which nobody but only living the life, and eventually time can teach us. BUT my problem is that the underlying thought which was rushing in your mind, was mixing in your veins as adrenaline, at that time was “Everything is fair in Love and war”. ‘Am I Right’ or 'Am I Right’, Son?

Son smiled at his father’s statement of confidence there and didn't look even an inch of surprise because as always his father, this time also had clearly understood his son’s inner sense and articulated it so beautifully and transparently as water, the way he wanted it to convey his feelings in front of his father .

Son: You are absolutely right papa. I was thinking the same that time, but to some extent, Isn’t this right also, PappA?

Father: true my Love! but there is an important piece here which you have completely missed in this scenario.

Son: What piece Papa? Please tell me, I can’t think of any.

Father: Everything is fair in Love and War but not in Foul play and in Bad deeds or more precisely “Law breaking” in our case.

Son gave an expression of regret by scratching his head and smiling on his face simultaneously.

Father: Now go and resume your boxing practice .

Son: What are you saying dad? Wasn't that enough for you?

 Father read the sarcasm in that, which his son had said to make his father realize that he is good to go now and out of Love, gave a small pat on his son’s head.


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