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Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

Thomas Augustine

Drama Inspirational


Thomas Augustine

Drama Inspirational

A Book That Refuses To Leave Me.

A Book That Refuses To Leave Me.

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One fine day, as we walked past a book seller on the pavement, I and my friend somehow thought of having a look at the books. These were secondhand books, and obviously, it came cheap. Neither I nor my friend had any plans of buying a book that day, in 2006. Among the large collection of books, lying scattered on the floor, my eyes fell on a book titled 'Star Signs', by Linda Goodman. It's difficult to tell why I picked this book. Was it the name, Linda Goodman? No, it can't be, because I had never heard of this name. I have no answer, absolutely, why I picked up this book. I just picked it up, that's it! And since then, it's been a book that refuses to leave me.

I often laughed aloud, and thought of it as backwardness, when I saw this friend of mine talking about astrology to our group of friends. This was much earlier; somewhere in the year 1998-99.  My group of friends would eagerly line up to listen to what he had to read about them. I was the only one who was least interested. Yet, unwillingly, I told him my date of birth when he asked me. "Since I am a nonbeliever, how does it matter, anyways", I thought to myself. After he did some calculations on my birthdate, he told me, "You are 3 and 3". I didn't know what that meant. But the person that I am, I don't remember things that I am not interested in. And that was forgotten right then. Nobody could influence me; whatever be it!  

With me it has always been like this: if I pick up a book and read the preface, and if I turn to the next page, it's for sure that I'll be buying the book. It doesn't matter whether or not the writer is great and famous, or not.  

Yes, I have read few books, but none was bought by me. These were all borrowed to read…I don't know…maybe during my boredom days. Most of these books were full of gruesome crime and dirty depiction of sexual encounters; as horrible as a pornographic movie. The author of one of these books is internationally famous, and is also a screenplay writer, based in the U.S.

I have also read a book by an Indian author, whose writings were similar to the above writer. In fact, it was very clear from the writings that this writer was copying the above writer's style. This Indian author is very famous, and very much talked about today. I just read one of his books, the name of which I just don't remember, and I don't wish to. I don't remember whether it had violence or not, but it definitely had pornography, and that was the USP of the book. It had explicit sexual encounters, as and where possible. 

Where have we, humans, reached? Have we reached a point in human existence where we will sell anything? Anything means "anything"?" Sad, but yes, that's what is happening all around the world. Driven by the hunger to succeed at any cost, many are willing to sell "anything". All that matters is money and name. But despite all this dirt scattered around, there are few clean patches (books that guide you to be sane). But these clean patches are very few. Yes, that's how it is. Quality always comes less in quantity; yet it will cost more.

'Star Signs', by Linda Goodman, was my perfect guide; a great help for me to walk back to sane times. No distance in life is too far to return. It taught me to listen to the voice of my own "Higher Self". The higher self is the "Inner Self" or, in simple words, "your intuition". This thing, about higher self is a precious learning in this book. 

No, even today I have no interest in astrology. But look at the paradox! I picked up a book on star signs (astrology). Add to it, whatever I have read, so far, I am full of applause for the writer. Sounds so nonsensical, yeah? 

As I was skim reading the preface pages, still standing on the pavement, my eyes suddenly stopped at this sentence which read: When the student is ready the teacher will appear. This line fascinated me! All this happened in just few minutes, and I decided to buy the book. I had a deep interest in understanding it. I was, somewhat, able to understand what it meant, yet I could not understand it in full.

Since reading is a leisure activity, it cannot be done just for the sake of it. And, we all know, our jobs keep us busy the entire day. So, I never even started reading the book that I had picked up. Yet, somehow, it remained in my possession, somewhere in a place where all useless things were kept, or rather dumped.   

Time passed by, and it was 2008. This was when life started degrading. Yet, somehow life went on. I was still alive and living, but I had lost a lot by now. The "hopeless" feeling within me, only increased as time passed by.

Then came year 2012. But even now life had not improved. I was still just 'sailing through'. "But how long will I just keep sailing? It was as if like I was living in hell. There was so much of negativity all around that I slept not a wink. Contentment is something that eluded me.

With nothing to do now, I could only find something to read to kill my time. That's when I remembered "yes, I have a book which I can read and kill time". And I picked up the book 'Star Signs', by Linda Goodman, once again, after 6 years. And this time I read a lot, and got introduced to something called "Esoteric knowledge". I never knew what esoteric knowledge was, until then. It was a new word for me. Well, esoteric knowledge means hidden knowledge.

The writing in the book was very difficult to comprehend. The language was class above anything that I had read so far. The thought process was simply mesmerizing. It had long sentences punctuated by comas. At times, an entire paragraph alone was just a sentence. By the time I reached the end of the sentence, I forgot what I had read. I used to read a paragraph three to four times, yet I could not fully understand what it meant. Still, I didn't feel like throwing the book away, because I loved the beauty of words, the style, and above all, the spiritual inclination in the writing. I could feel the author, Linda Goodman's presence. I could feel her talking, in a one to one session with me. It's that beautifully written! It's indeed esoteric knowledge.

Even after I did start comprehending what I was reading, I was still puzzled. I started wondering "how could this be possible?" Yet, I did not give up on the book. At times, I went into deep thinking, to comprehend things. This writer no more existed, and yet she was able to convince a person like me into believing in every word she had written. It's more than amazing!

But due to various reasons, I did not go beyond ten pages or so. And again, the book was put in the backseat; maybe because I might have got on some job. I don't, exactly remember. But yes, I had reached the page, in the preface, where the adage was. Which adage? This one: when the student is ready the teacher will appear. 

2013 was fine. But by 2014, I was back in the same miserable state. So as always, when I have nothing to do, I read. So here I go! I once again took up the book to read. I started from the beginning. But this time, I was able to comprehend a little bit of what I was reading, since I had already read the few pages. What a big relief it was! 

This time I thought of going beyond the few pages that I had read. So I just jumped, to somewhere in the middle. I read a lot but I wasn't able to comprehend or relate things. Nothing made any sense to me. It was as same as skipping a movie, in the middle, and then continuing watching it. I realized that I was not reading some storybook, and hence I need to go in proper order, systematically. There was nothing called "double promotion", as we have in schools. So I again started afresh; from the beginning. I started liking it even more now. Also, I was getting accustomed to the long and lengthy sentences.

I finished reading the "preface" chapter, which was about 12 pages, and I was now reading the "Introduction" chapter. This too had about 15 pages, or so. I did read and finish the "introduction" chapter too. Now ask me, "Does it take so many years to read 30 pages? It can be finished in two hour, isn't it? "

Yes, it took me so many years to read, because time and again I was interrupted; by whatever or whoever, but there was interruption. And this interruption broke my continuity and attachment. With the breakage in continuity came diversion of mind. And there…I was cut off. I was out of the realm! This is what had happened every time the book-reading stopped. 

On the other hand, if this was about reading a novel, I would have finished 500 pages in 7 days' time. But no, this wasn't any kind of a novel or a storybook. This was a bigtime, "Life teaching" book that I was reading. Dedication and desire was a pre-requisite. Well, I did read it with extreme dedication and desire, but I got cut off for a very lengthy period, which washed away all the developments that I had brought in me. But luckily, part of the foundations (the teachings) still remained, somewhere deep within me. That's what brought me back to reading this book, time and again. I generally throw away books that I have finished reading, or books that become a boredom for me. But, I never discarded this book (rather, time and again I was pulled towards it). And yes, the few fundamentals that I have learned from these few pages are golden.

Some of those are mentioned here, below!

1: When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

2: Example of Abraham and Bill Gates.

3: About Present, Past and Future.

4: About Money mystic and Gurus.

5: You were born to excel.

6: Rules before getting operated.

7: About God and Dog.

8: About Karma.

9: About Breaking Karma.

10: About the preaching of Self-help groups, hypnotism.

11: About Desire, wish, and fulfillment.

12: About trainings which teach to kill effectively.

13: About judging the authenticity of a book.

Every time I spend time with this book, my heart sings; for I feel privileged, like the chosen few, to have got this book, just out of nowhere. Recollecting one of the teachings from this book: When the student is ready the teacher will appear, it really feels like the teacher had appeared long back. In fact, the teacher had been flowing the student everywhere, however it was the student (me) who went on long vacations, time and again.

This is one book that has refused to leave me. It has followed me, in life, to wherever I have transported myself. I have a strong feeling that this book intends to teach me something; obviously something beautiful, about life… a teaching that won't be found in any school. This mesmerizing, marvelous "Life-teaching" book reading will go on for lifelong. What a book it is!


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