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Lost someone CLOSELY UNKNOWN just to hear the call, Travelled in the rough, read more

2     2.2K    213    31

The Light
© Muskan Aneja

Drama Inspirational +1

1 second ago i saw the light, however no one was by my side, its fine, i'm read more

1     16.5K    141    32

Who Am I
© Harsh Maurya

Crime Inspirational +1

Who am I - Someone trying to convey its life journey and what it means to be a ... read more

1     15.6K    139    33

Her Resilience
© Shruti Nk


The brave and the valiant, seldom live that read more

2     15.6K    127    34

I Wish You Were A Poem
© Naman Karn

Classics Fantasy +1

Immortalizing you forever, defying the transient read more

1     14.6K    125    35

This collection of English short stories by StoryMirror is a result of hard work, and determination of promising writers.

Why fear, why excite, why react only to the unusual When everything you do is read more

2     51.4K    78    36

The World I See
© Sakshi Maheshwari

Drama Inspirational +1

The warrior I have read more

1     1.0K    60    37

There emerged a read more

1     12.7K    389    38

When I find the meaning of life in her, When I can call her to be all read more

1     14.4K    263    39

She had Tears in her eyes, And held a Galaxy within her. She looks back to the dead read more

1     10.4K    149    40

When flame of love in heart ignites, It fills whole universe with read more

1     1.2K    106    41

The earth has its own story of nature’s treason, But the heart reveres no time and read more

2     613    37    42

When I am dead your tears will flow through emojis, But I won’t know. Cry with me read more

1     2.9K    80    43

After every initiation and every end in my life, I saw ever; Maa, you are the only read more

2     684    70    44

"“But who was he…?“ The world asked in awe, Cause this was the kind of love that read more

1     15.8K    212    45

Only a Ray of Hope A Ray of Hope can lift you up, a Ray of Hope can better things read more

2     4.3K    116    46

Mom I Loved You
© Navjot Rai

Crime Tragedy

It's late as I can feel my Mommy crawling into bed. I wonder why she's crying, as I read more

3     1.6K    98    47

The Red Trail

Classics Inspirational

The given poem captures the theme of menstruation. A phenomenon which is so natural, read more

1     1.7K    203    48

Finishing my daily chores, curiosity struck me I wanted to check the state of my read more

2     4.8K    180    49

Spread your arms and let the warmth flow, give that child a smile, a read more

1     14.9K    78    50

Life without you is dead but I'm alive. Of times when we were together and read more

1     10.1K    98    51

My thoughts like drugs, Seem soothing but kill. The moment I'm alone, My secrets read more

1     953    97    52

Love is not all about perfections, At times, it's about imperfections read more

1     541    59    53

Your permission or approval is not read more

2     14.8K    87    54

Whether it’s day or night, hot or cold, summer or winter We have to guard their read more

1     2.2K    73    55

She won’t put her head down and run from herself, Rather complete all expected plus read more

1     601    42    56

This collection of English short stories by StoryMirror is a result of hard work, and determination of promising writers.

True human bonding is eternal, All these things should come read more

1     15.1K    175    57

© nitin puri


Wrinkles telling the story of age Time stood still, from the last meal Tic- toc read more

1     16.0K    168    58

There is something magical about read more

1     15.0K    80    59

Jobs many can be got, But the lost moments can never be read more

1     5.2K    77    60