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Dressed, in a black coat, with a silk tie around his neck, The corporate thief read more

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This collection of English short stories by StoryMirror is a result of hard work, and determination of promising writers.

Maybe you could have to trust your Instinct and set yourself free from All read more

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The Rebel within me rises, Shakes me, wakes read more

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In a democracy, We need no gore. Just the right bills Put to read more

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Slip on the socks And take that bold step. Fly free without any fear Fun is read more

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The Breeze
© Asha Radhakrishnan

Abstract Children Stories

Caressing the flowers, she steals their scent To carry along wherever she read more

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So keep your opinion Up to yourself I don't need you read more

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The source is so clear But the background is a blur Causing me to fall in the read more

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Gleefully like an unfettered wayfarer Into the flowing ocean of independence read more

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Feelings are genuine, But the carnal pleasure Came at a great read more

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© Rabb Jyot Isher

Drama Romance

My ears relished the music, I felt I tasted honey. She is read more

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I remember the day we met Amidst the shattered pieces of fate You eyes read more

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Whoever be the person to answer, It will be worse to ask, Whether I am a good read more

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What is life about Nobody knows, nobody will know It has its way Both to read more

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But the soul never dies, Waits again to rise, In a much-awaited read more

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The government should not obtain the ability to tell someone else what they should read more

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Romance And Rituals
© Priyanka Raj

Abstract Classics +1

The poem celebrates the essence of rituals performed in the wedding and its read more

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I couldn’t help but surrender Life indeed is simple We make it complicated, in read more

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Her touch makes my body feel easier. Her light, my savior from the read more

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You are worth more gold than my goals like heaven’s gates It’s so peaceful when read more

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Fingers are crossed Eyes are closed Palms are raised In prayer You read more

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This collection of English short stories by StoryMirror is a result of hard work, and determination of promising writers.

Paradise Cries
© Supratik Sen

Drama Tragedy +1

Hell of a world Howling. All its parts Ripped apart. Golden read more

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She carried you beneath her heart, feeling uncomfortable for weeks, But was in a read more

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It's an ugly game of so-called life, Struggling for money is hard, Though read more

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We look like we're fine But also completely read more

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I want to leave Leave this old town and my broken read more

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I can't be mediocre? Can I not be satisfied? Maybe I don't need to run, Or read more

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The heart seeks passion, the mind seeks security The conundrum a battle within read more

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The office champ in his BMW, Still analyses a conflict Whether he blew his read more

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My whole clan will I now empower, As sisters and mothers, Let's teach our sons read more

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