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A Teacher...
© Yashika Tripathi

Inspirational Drama +1

It was a time she was not herself A person so dejected and sad That she found read more

2     160    10   

The Weeds
© Venkatesh R

Inspirational Drama +1

We shed knowledge, to the well-performing Candidates and students and ignore read more

1     172    16   

Deapth Of Life
© Raj Majhi

Drama Abstract

The road of life is Why always be long. This is the fleeting life, Which read more

1     234    30   

Amazon best reads for August !!

You have to be like an innocent Child To have everything at Beck and Call on read more

1     104    3   

Like my son you also Wasted your life meaninglessly Taking birth on read more

1     256    48   

Message To a Teenager
© Ranjita Das

Children Stories Drama +1

Don't forget to enjoy this moment, Because you really gonna miss these read more

1     152    45   

Loving Expression
© Raj Majhi

Drama Abstract

Looks like today After a century, As the sky is pointing On the earth's read more

1     118    17   

What was all that hard work? Of no use to me? When I am judged on grounds of read more

1     161    11   

I am a storehouse of words. Yet I am so far from the lighthouse. Meaningless read more

1     166    16   

© Yashika Tripathi

Drama Children Stories +1

Take a break, Think for a while, What all we put at stake To satisfy our read more

1     198    47   

Sri Radha
© Raj Majhi

Abstract Inspirational

An ode to Radha, Lord Krishna's read more

1     147    43   

Wear Your Soul
© Madeeha Khan

Abstract Inspirational

You have a Beautiful canvas, which you can decide to paint whichever way you want... read more

1     138    34   

Clever Cock
© Dipti Dakhane

Children Stories

Clever Cock with cap on head, Clever Cock with cap went to bed, Clever Cock read more

1     217    17   

I miss your laugh I miss your smile I haven't seen you for a read more

1     155    3   

Pooh and his friends gave you company while going to bed But did you realize that read more

1     116    16   

© DR ZAKUMI Saiyed

Inspirational Drama

Blindfold me, break my wings, But I am a queen from within... Shut my ears, read more

1     302    44   

We are all a different person altogether, we are fortunate of the read more

1     181    27    1406

Till there are seasons in nature, There are drylands and puddles. If there are read more

1     218    17   

The poem shows that the lover is a new drug to read more

1     249    46    593

ଆଉ ପୁଣୀଥରେ ଭିଜେଇ ଦବ ମୋ ମନ କୁ ତୁମ ସେ ଅପାସୋରା ସ୍ମୃତି ରେ ହେଲେ କାଇଁ ତୁମେ ତ read more

1     176    17   

The poem shows that no one can give what we read more

1     222    21    4250

But the moment, The present knocks At the door for my return, My eyes read more

1     203    2   

Who made me understand, ‘In life’s journey we need someone’s read more

1     224    23   

A Trip To Pangong Lake
© Neha Jain

Children Stories Abstract

Such a nice place to enjoy the beauty of mountains Far away from artificial read more

1     290    40   

I see the clouds blazing colors and hue, That's red, orange, yellow, purple and read more

1     203    3   

As you move up the economic ladder Exclusion of the other is the read more

2     108    7   

Fully Bored
© Sonia Kapoor

Others Drama +1

After studying or watching TV Sometimes just thinking enough of this Gazing read more

1     159    9   

Amazon best reads for August !!

© Raghavasree Gopu

Drama Abstract

A father's sacrifice A mother's worries Bound in the silence Of unknown read more

1     272    22   

I remembered that moment when you give me names I love that moment when you look read more

1     232    48    6819

When my eyes see no more And my heart feels no more Take me along that open read more

1     337    36    1298