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Why fear, why excite, why react only to the unusual When everything you do is read more

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i once was a dreamer as a young read more

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Rape is henious, gross and sinister. Are you a mute observer of the read more

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Amazon best reads for August !!

A comical rendering of an fancy-sounding order placed in a restaurant; like a spoof read more

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The Rosemary Letter'S
© Ashish Sharma

Abstract Fantasy +1

A story that is written on divine pages with the beautiful essence of love and read more

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The beauty of moon lit night and the trust one has on another makes this life worth read more

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Redemption Is Calling
© Sanaya Ross

Abstract Others +1

Seeking for read more

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A poetry on the feelings of a woman in solitude and her lonely life, some where the read more

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A poem about an evening at the read more

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Wave Of Terror
© Ila Varma

Others Inspirational

Terror is spreading like an epidemic agonizing the minds of read more

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How a person is "Prisnor" of his own read more

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A little note of how to be grateful for what you are blessed with instead of ranting read more

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Two beatiful, longish poems. Neither with the stereotyped happy ending. One read more

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Trying to find my love, somewhere down the read more

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© Darren Scanlon

Crime Drama +1

In the blink of an eye our lives can read more

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To ardently believe that the other half will desire all that you have to offer, come read more

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Is the weight of a dead child too heavy for the old and weary shoulders of a read more

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I do not remember your gaunt memories Tempering the steel of my read more

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You will stare from behind curtains and wonder, why do you lock doors at read more

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I do not know what you are now, Your body is blank paper read more

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To Be
© Aa Raden


What it's like to be in a state undefined, yet poignant enough to trouble the read more

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In a boxing match between joy and sorrow, who wins in the read more

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These are the dreams worth dying for, The dreams we all strive read more

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"Hey, diddle, diddle! "The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the read more

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Amazon best reads for August !!

This mortal man will not accept read more

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© Krishnasish Jana

Abstract Others

An old man contemplates his childhood and wishes he could stay a child, and not get read more

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This poem describes my  journey from Boyhood to Manhood. Hope you all travel with my read more

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"Even as gold explodes into the black waters and stops the world into looking read more

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"As little Jenny Wren Was sitting by the read more

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