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I love the colour of the maple, oak read more

5     18.7K    3.3K    3

Can't Leave My House
© Abhay Prashar

Drama Inspirational +1

Truly my heart was made of tin... As i threw all the memories in the bin, (an read more

1     20.3K    448    24

© Shaurya Patkar

Fantasy Others

Raavana, the King of Lanka Fought with the blue God He kidnapped read more

1     12.1K    419    91

Beauty is read more

1     9.1K    406    2536

Amazon best reads for August !!

There emerged a read more

1     12.8K    398    33

It sits in my stomach, Rules the beats of my read more

1     780    392    11

India is a beautiful country. This poem shows a fraction of its read more

1     2.4K    375    3967

Love is an emotion which has made this world a beautiful read more

1     2.6K    369    3662

Its a tribute to dog, a man's best read more

3     16.1K    357    34

Purpose to motivate and encourage, The brave hearts with their full read more

1     8.7K    357    89

How Visible Are We ?
© Sheetal Singh

Inspirational Tragedy

The journey – where 'mistake' was a spitted word on her freedom, The journey – where read more

3     18.1K    339    13

Morning read more

1     1.7K    329    3663

a touching poetry that describes the cruelty of humans towards animals for beastly read more

2     8.8K    327    102

My heart melted everyday talking to you, Daily there was a new thing I got addicted read more

2     2.6K    320    9

Ah how great it is If the skies were blue Souls were pure Hearts were read more

1     2.2K    298    7

Betraying trust is the nee read more

1     4.1K    274    1

When I find the meaning of life in her, When I can call her to be all read more

1     14.5K    267    54

I'm A Human
© Girish Sharma


Let’s be Humans, you and me, What we’ve been right from the very read more

1     17.9K    244    18

Alone, all alone, He left his read more

1     2.1K    237    28

Looking through the window, I realized life is mysterious, After all, it fluctuated read more

1     20.7K    231    19

Her sparkling blue eyes, Seemed lost in an ocean of read more

2     4.6K    228    412

Amazon best reads for August !!

She was like a bird, Used to chirp all day read more

1     8.2K    226    150

When will we say enough? She is a caged bird who longs to be set read more

2     12.1K    225    6

Pangs of technology, Oozing venom of read more

1     13.9K    222    95

Rape is henious, gross and sinister. Are you a mute observer of the read more

2     25.3K    217    10

Lost someone CLOSELY UNKNOWN just to hear the call, Travelled in the rough, read more

2     2.4K    216    57

"“But who was he…?“ The world asked in awe, Cause this was the kind of love that read more

1     15.9K    214    66

Nothing could change, made him restrained As dejected he was, so he read more

1     2.8K    213    977

The Red Trail

Classics Inspirational

The given poem captures the theme of menstruation. A phenomenon which is so natural, read more

1     1.8K    203    76

A comical rendering of an fancy-sounding order placed in a restaurant; like a spoof read more

1     22.2K    200    2