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Hanishree Vichare



Hanishree Vichare


Your Frozen Light...

Your Frozen Light...

1 min 319 1 min 319

Too Pretty, Too Ugly;

This thing doesn't fit in my jeans,

Tears from my eyes,

But no one wants to hear 'bout that...

I'm sick of puttin' labels on myself,

Trying to fit in, tryin' to act like I'm somebody so perfect;

But now I'm gonna say, something for me, that's real...

It's okay to be lost, to feel lonely;

Sometimes, I just don't know what I'm doin'...

One day I'm beautiful and then I'm awful,

But that reminds me that I'm a human...

So go ahead and tear me apart,

Cuz I'm not afraid of my flaws,

If the scars on my skin make me ugly, 

Then, Let's get Ugly...

I know what you want,

Beautiful faces with makeup and girls with small waists which could make you earn more;

With no pain and their pretty little lies, which are too big in real-time...

But lemme tell you, Don't need a thousand likes;

To know that Pretty's on the Inside...

So, it's time to have the time of your lives...

Now, no more talkin';

I don't know what you wanna do with that,

If it's good, why you even wanna hold it back?


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