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Siddhi Bhattad



Siddhi Bhattad




2 mins 182 2 mins 182

We were good friends back then. 

I shared with you my secrets always and again. 

Spent a lot of time together on chats. 

You asked me for a date, I was confused and I behind sat. 

'Kya hi hoga' I said and told you a "YES".

I finally got someone to handle my mood and mess. 

Happy, funny, cute and so much possessive you are! 

I cannot believe I fell in love with you, my star. 

Whenever I felt lost, low or depressed, I got you. 

It has been 9 months, I see it forever and it's true;) 

No more I have to be in trouble and scream. 

Cause you're my healing cream. 

This long-distance has pros and cons. 

I want to stay with you for hours and hold your hand on lawns. 

I want to stare at you, smile at you, and kiss on your face. 

And when we go back to our lives, I want to cherish our time lived in grace. 

I want to fall in love with you every moment. 

Sit by the beach look at the stars and moon, be in love with the silence we hold, can't this be the new agreement? 

I wish we could be together, travel together hand in hand. 

You're the only handsome man I know on this land. 

Not being ashamed, I want to call you 'Baby' out loud. 

And you can have your chicken only once in a while, that's allowed. 

I mean it when I say every romantic word. 

Btw, being romantic is always you, but I can, too, be weird. 

I adore you so much. 

I miss your every touch.            

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