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Indira Mishra

Romance Thriller


Indira Mishra

Romance Thriller

Two Lovers

Two Lovers

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Two lovers love on the bed,

The bed is their kingdom john Donne once said

The whole world,

They are the rulers of their time,

Dominating over each other body and mind,

They love day and night never depart,

No pain, no separation in love,

Yes, a passion in love, 

An ecstasy in love,

To kiss each other 's soft words,

Embracing each other's soft and hard feelings so tightly

Caressing each other needs so emotionally,

Love in love, love for love,

We need to know that is all,

Rest immaterial,

Money, name or fame,

We forget all,

We just know we are made for each other,

We love each other,

Lovers forever till our end,

The darkness holds tightly two minds

Bed light reflects the shadow of two restless minds,

Mingling in wave an inner reflection of passion,

One urge to embrace the shadow in darkness in wave and wave,

It reflects, mingling in darkness the nudity blank figures but,

Darkness embraces two shadows lover's passion, ecstasy in love,

Two lovers on an eternal bed in each other"s arms forever clinging to their passion forever,

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