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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Tragedy Others


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Tragedy Others



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We humans are claiming the only supreme social being

We are having a society out of our designed cerebral mechanism

We can only perhaps think and perceive and change our vicinity

We do fight against nature with our utmost strength and gravity

We can make amenable our environment against extreme climate

Since centuries long we are evolving and developing comparing to our primate

We are adapting with respect to the environment we are confronting

We are making hostile into congenial out of our devised mechanism

Many species unlike us being forced to extinct

They unable to adapt against odd posed by nature's ambiance in an intriguing fabric

Change is the only phenomena which is constant in nature

Where fittest uphold their clamor in nature’s floor with grand rapture!



We ceaselessly endeavored to focus only our convenience

Not bothering other plants, trees and numerous living beings existence

Our agenda and interests we uphold only to indulge ourselves with platitude

We hardly care how we are continuously performing crime

which is only manifested in our brazen attitude, despite we tend to focus it as prime

we only endeavored to remove the green cover of our native planet

To make conurbation and focusing to increase few interest groups asset

We are engulfing ourselves with concrete jungle construing in nature’s floor

Removing the endowed greenery by nature out of our greed only to explore

Hardly we care how we are causing menace

Many plants and species are in the verge of extinction out of our emphatic trace

We are unknowingly jeopardizing our very entity

We perhaps not able to fathom how nature is taking revenge on us out of our brutality!


We humans too are truly poor creature

How could we realize how nature designs with entirety on her floor to form a grand texture

Hardly we could comprehend the very essence

Human, animals and environment’s interface and its magnificence

How we all need to complement each other

To ensure our existence with symphony and aura with distinct flavor!

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