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The Scotch-Irish Viking

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

Inspirational Others

To India, With Concern.

To India, With Concern.

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Yo, India. This is for you.

Yeah, I'm a white guy, don't

misconstrue me with the news

that you hear.

This ain't nothing new.

Trying to rule the masses off

the rules of the few.

These tyrants don't have a clue.

They'll do anything for control.

Now your giving the regime of

China access to your soil.

Their communist plan unfolds

as your death will reach it's toll.

Your leaders should know better

than take a passivist role.

All they want is control.

They're going global,

Don't you know?

The attack on Democracy is

starting to grow.

The wounds from their philosophy

is starting to show.

I know what's wrong.

They been our enemies all along.

You're ignoring the warnings,

that's why I'm writing this song.

The gods of this world can't save


The young imagination of a naive


Ignorance is about to enslave you.

Address this cancer, while you still

have time.

This regime knows no god,

no faith for the Republic,

Only do as your told.

A dynasty of suffering.

God only knows how their

evil plan will unfold.

I've watched them infiltrate,

to desecrate the United States.

I've seen them defecate on

Human Rights, Look at their

murder rate.

From Euthanasia, to Tyranny.

Reverse engineering our technology.

Buying up resources faster than we

can save.

If it were up to China, they'd make

the whole world their slave.

The stage is set for the super

powers, and your country's

on the rise.

While American politics has

been investing in Chinese

corporations lies.

Four decades ago we had to

get them to stop putting lead

into children's toys.

Let's talk about the slaves that

rent out space in the factories

in which they're employed.

They've ruined their own air

and land, and their swine is

An infectious disease.

Now I see our fate is in your

hands, before this regime

of sleeze, brings us all to

our knees.

But do what you please,

don't mind a dumb American.

At half a century old, I

can see that our time's spent.

I show no pretense, addressing

these current events.

To listen to my wisdom, sure

would make a lot of sense.

Your inner military power struggle,

must quickly be resolved.

Don't worry, this is all a tug of war,

America will get involved.

We're only Two Hundred and Fifty

years old, and it seems we've

gotten pretty good at war.

While all these politicians yell,

'God Bless America, our missiles

shoot across the shore.

I guess I'm trying to say, though

we're different, we're not so far


I pledge my support to India and

Her people. I see you have a

righteous heart.

Don't fall apart, and do not

succumb to evil.

There are also some Good

Westerners, we gotta come

together though.

From: A Caring Guy in the U.S.

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