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Parinita Sareen

Abstract Action Classics


Parinita Sareen

Abstract Action Classics

Till Infinity And Beyond...

Till Infinity And Beyond...

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Mother waits, a sister at door.

Thundering sky, clash of weapons - bloody soil.

Letter unsent lies in the barrack.

Some celebrated, some die without mention,

Heroes sung or unsung are this country's tradition.

A time comes, once in an era, when heroes are born;

Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev no more lovelorn.

Remembering Capt. Vikram Batra's last words  'Ye dil mange more'

The saga of those martyred, becomes folklore.

Love, a common ground between all these Messiahs;

The peace derived is as serene as the 'Sudarshan Kriyas'

The motto of Indian Defence Forces 'Balidan Parmo Dharma'

Valour, Courage, Optimism being everyone's Karma. 

Millions of reasons to live for but just one reason to die for,

The grandeur of their pious deaths leaves everything before. 

Passion and Sacrifice indeed drive the world,

Like a rainbow coloured look on ailing, dying bird.

Exceptional and exemplary their actions are remembered till eternities,

Some infinities are indeed greater than other infinities. 

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