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DevaDas Menon



DevaDas Menon


Till Death Do Us Apart

Till Death Do Us Apart

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I can see the beauty of skies in your eyes,

calmness of silence reflected in your face,

With you at my side, now and forever,

As companion, friend, partner, for lifetime.

You read my thoughts and smile at me;

In a way that only you can smile,

That takes my breath away,

Which makes my day.

A world without you I cannot imagine,

My heart opens to your beauty, which is,

Like the fresh fragrance of flowers,

That blooms and dances in the wind,

Like the softness of cool breeze,

Wafting against my face.

I feel blessed for you are mine,

I feel our love flowing in to each other;

To lift us in to a world of togetherness,

Where nothing exists, but you and me, for,

it is written in our destiny to be together,

Always, Always, for Always eternally,

We were made for each other.

Together we are each other's part;

Cannot be separated in our lifetime.

till only death can do us apart.

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