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Sougat Das

Abstract Inspirational


Sougat Das

Abstract Inspirational

Through the Meadows...

Through the Meadows...

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I walk with ease,

Through the meadows,

Accompanied by the infinite skylight

No demand whatsoever.

Around I can see the life with a shiny smile,

Calling upon me to lie over.

I walk front to grasp the Horizon,

But there is no crossover.

I wonder about the wonderful creation, As it showers its variance.

Too far and so wide, Beyond we can ever imagine.

Then I see the crystal-covered peaks,

Radiating the smooth fragrance.

I can feel it touch my soul,

With a welcoming warmth in the bitter cold.

Now I realize

The depth of sea and blackness of the Universe,

Is only to reveal our worth.

Ever exploring mind,

Is our gigantic force.

I walk with ease,

Over the plain white land, With no dark matter,

Just as a pure neonate

No fear of stumbling over,

Under the vast showy clouds,

And always strive to reach my very goal.

Just like a Meadow,

Always fertile, filled with life,

Always Is what I care to be.

Just remember, you are never alone,

But still, if you can't find one,

It's what you chose to be…

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