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The Struggle No One Saw

The Struggle No One Saw

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The applause is resounding but

 no one saw your tears,

 The praise reaches the skies, but,

 no one saw your fears,

 The years of compromises,   

 years of struggle,

 To survive in a predatory jungle.

  At every turn, they wanted a piece

  of your body, for their needs,


  Made you do unspeakable vulgar 


  you did all they asked of you,     

  waiting for their calls

  success is not judged by what is

  true or false

  Today the applause is deafening

  you are a rage,


  They now bow before your photo,

  your image.

   The journey has been one full of 



   Reminiscence of seeing your

   first blood stain.


   you watch your fans as they   

   try to touch you,


   screaming, jostling, try to come

   closer it's true,

   The applause will echo in your 



   Every night you sleep you will

   Relive your old fears,


   as you think of those years of



    Trying to survive in a predatory



    you made it but you stand 

    lonely and alone,


    Success lies at your feet, but

    your heart has turned to stone.




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