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Naila Hina



Naila Hina


The Street! Naila Hina

The Street! Naila Hina

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" It's no one! 

Nobody is waiting for me!

There is no one! 

I am not in the same frame of mind

I don't see myself as married

For at least ten years from now!

Why! Why should I care for you!"

He said

And I saw him. Shocked!

Every morning is a fresh start.

An attitude has been built.

Forget yesterday

No grievances from the past!

Today is a new day 

To enjoy

Never mind anything

Never trust a stranger!

Never give your personal details

To anyone, except relatives

Or necessary! Keep mail short.

The more you write

The more you will be making mistakes

And more you will be exposed!

(Voice and style of talking is just like

C. K. Aurora _journalist- India)

The talent of understanding the complex

Should be implemented in your real life.

That spirit should be with you

His common sense_Ali Imran's!

Decide one: either a stable life

Or a breathtakingly magical

But not really!

He never thinks what others are thinking about him.

He played devil's advocate

Jolly, mature, social, friendly!

Wanted a simple, easygoing girl

But I could not understand when got that girl- Me!

His verses are stolen ones

Not original! He said: I have

No grievances about you!

The real or fancied ground of complaining!

He is captivating! So never decide

About him from 'Heart', but Mind!

The truth is that I will never be safe

And happy with him! He never

Actually loved, it was just a crush!

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