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The Pain of love

The Pain of love

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Love a painful experience, an unwanted emotion,

Love lies in relationship of bondage,

Love is a unnecessary diversion,

Love makes you blind and uncaring of others.

Love consumes your every waking hour,

Love makes you stranger among friends,

Expectations are high then love fails,

Never prevails,

You are on a path that leads you no where,

Wherever you go you only feel the pain 

Of separation,

No chance of reconciliation you are lost

In a maze.

Wonder where things went wrong,

You see each other now as strangers ;

You have both traversed a painful path,

 Now time to forget and forgive one  another,

Live not in memory of each other

Life has to go on and on, 

Tomorrow the sun will rise again,

A new day you will start, on a new way,

To leave behind the pain of love.

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