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The Forgery Of Time

The Forgery Of Time

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Let me now comply for my long engraving thanks

To be communised in the solemn of life and lies

Ss if my sole solace was deserved as a treat

And bestowed to me in the redeeming apprise!

Fortune, luck, all melted into a stream

Towards a joyous life of every mortal

Those humanised sayings deploy a sense

To them, to master vain art of music and metal...

Drunk like a salmon, the liquid of life

Fortunately finished the glass of galore

A time defined the threatening voices of revolt

But ears remained deaf, as the sounds became more and more!!

Those sounds broke the alignment of the generous demise

Of the heart, of the mind

And as the carcass lay still, a mockery evolved its fate

And questioned the self, whose eyes always remained blind!

Purity, divinity and angelic verses

Doesn't enrapture the melancholic moments

That polished the betrayed ‘time of life’

That was filled with phrasal torrents...

As for the last, long lost version

Of the truth, of passion, of promotion

As tidings were halted, new paths aroused

This, the spirit was sustained for a new evolution.

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