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Leoni Robens

Fantasy Inspirational Children


Leoni Robens

Fantasy Inspirational Children

The Deepavali Fairy Lanterns

The Deepavali Fairy Lanterns

3 mins

Like deep temples of love, peace, and light,

The Deep Princes set out one day,

To find each their holy Deepavali brides.

Amardeep, Deepayan, Navjyot, Sanjoy, Tejas, Sampan,

Their King Prakash and Queen Chanchal,

Of Suryamukki,

Couldn’t contain their overexcitement,

And lit up brilliantly, sun and moonshine beams.

There were seven stripling sinewy lads,

All brothers traveling in each,

Different vehicles.

Some traditional, made of bamboo,

Some were electric ones full of LED lights,

Some in candle lanterns, so full of flames bright,

Some in sky flying as light as paper globes and stars,

Floating cubes and diamonds.

Like King Rama returned to Ayodhya,

After he defeated Ravana by lighting rows of clay lamps,

They fought the battle of darkness,

And now into the light,

To find each their fairy Deepavali brides.

All their lanterns lit up the fairy village of Deep,

Each and every folk,

Watched full of glee,

Their traveling lanterns,

Upon every nook, cranny, and corner,

Of the fairy streets,

Like bright tuk-tuks, tum-tums, and jonnybees,

Auto rickshaws,

Traveling to and fro,

Light of Fairy Land India.

Now the destination where fairy Deepavali brides,

Lived was very, very far away,

Right in the heart of a sparkly village,


But could be seen in the distance like a spotlight,

Of a fairy stage,

As Deep brothers entered its bright land,

Filled with fairy sparklers, beams, fountains,

Fuljhadis, Catherine wheels, and chakras.

Everywhere floated high in the sky,

Mesmerizing rockets,

For fun even sometimes arrayed different,

Musical noises,

Breaking fut, fut, fit, fit, fot, fut,

Like crackers of grace and symphony.

Till the Deep brides in great trepidation,

The fairy Deepavalis,

Diva, Divya, Dilkush, Danjyot, Dilpreet, Daksheena, and Dukki,

Looked out their enlightened castles,

Holding in their plates each a light candle,

Decorating behind their castle doors beautiful Rangolis.

Soon, they would be married,

And enter into a doli,

Except for Princess Dukki,

She cried so much,

And wouldn’t want to be separated,

From her loving King Chand and Queen Soudharya.

She promised she’d visit them,

Every year on Deep’s festive day.

Now the Princes,

Amardeep, Deepayan, Navjyot, Sanjoy, Tejas, Sampan,

Soon sauntered into the bright country,

Of fairy sparklers and crackers,

In their Chinese and Indian lanterns,

Of air, electric, paper, bamboo, and candles,

So full of flames.

And so the welcoming light of their bride sakhi’s,

Holding one and all silver plates,

In circles of bright chamakchalo,

Chandi Chanyacholis, Tamaktalo gagras,

Marigold gajras, Champa chameli garlanded braids,

And golden bangles an array,

Whilst they in their ornate pagris, petas, and turbans,

Decked in kurtas. Bandhgala suits and Sherwanis,

Bearing bright rings of lights,

That the holy cosmonaut displays.

They took their beautiful seven pheras,

Seven promises and vows,

Around the bright-lit flame,

The three pandits with holy three saffron lines,

Across their high foreheads.

Blessed each one of seven couples,

In return, the seven couples gifted them Dakshina,

A lovely box of sweets,

Filled with pedas and barfi,

Kajukatli’s and diamond cakes,

A Dakshina for everlasting love to last eternity.

The bride and bridegroom bade,

A tearful goodbye to their royal families,

And took off the brides in their dholis,

While dholaks in the background played,

And the Princes set out once again in their,

Fairy lantern vehicles.

King Surya and Queen Soundharya,

King Chand and Queen Chanchal,

Each from two sides of the royal families,

Waited patiently for the day,

Their family hierarchy would enlighten,

Again with Suryabeams and Prakash,

Chand, Soundharya and Chanchalta,

Spreading truth and light,

In their wisdom temples of Love and Peace.

To burn old prejudices,

Break the shackles of ignorance,

And chains of rigidness,

To change to impartiality, knowledge, and flexibility,

And light up the world full of fairy lantern,

Princes and Princesses,

Sparkling and shining proudly,

With their holy lantern vehicles,

Fairy sparklers and crackers,

So sweetly,

Peace and Light everywhere,

Beyond the ball of light that revolved,

In the dark cosmos,

And illuminated the world,

Like a chakra globe, the balancing act,

Full of light,

Amidst constellations of stars and planets,

Called Deepavali,

Of Alok Suryamukki and Chandramukki,

For the rest of Sukhi Sukhi years,

They all lived happily!

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