The Curious Mind

The Curious Mind

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Everone laughed,

For I had asked a stupid question,

Their grin ended my reputation,

They thought it was stupid,

And my brain so timid.

I was marked with a badge of fool,

They used it as a laughter tool,

Now I get time to turn pages,

Of great old ages,

Read about marvelous men,

And their timely investment.

In questions of insanity,

Which according to them was creativity,

For apple falling was reason for gravitation,

And a sight of flying bird resulted in aviation,

For a bathing man caused buoyancy,

And a day dreamer,

Caused relativity.

From Edison to Einstien,

Newton to Archimedes,

All were absent minded fools,

Never went to conventional schools.

Now I believe,

What insanity can achieve,

It has a bright side,

Bestows a new light.

So I ask to remove your mask,

Of ego and hate,

And think simple and straight,

Is it a sin to ask stupid question?

For I have seen it as a cause of great invention!

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