Tale Of A True Friend

Tale Of A True Friend

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Hey friend!

Are you really a friend?

Or just someone who showoff his joy?

And shares his pain that others might enjoy.

How do you know what others feel?

How do you know what's their deal?

Once you ask them to help you,

You get to know what they want from you.

Should you expect anything from anyone?

Should you tell someone something that is known to no one?

How do you know you won't be betrayed?

How do you decide what not to trade?

Friendship is not a one way road,

It's not that you only talk when you feel bored.

It's about sharing a part of your life with someone.

If you don't want it, it's not necessary to carry this burden.

All I told is about true friends,

True friendship is the one which never ends.

We make a lot of friends just for a formality,

Even though this friendship is cold and empty.

Formal friends are necessary but difficult to trust,

To make things go easy somehow you have to adjust.

Formal friends may come and go,

If you lose one, you may let one go.

But never lose a true friend,

Because they will be there for you till the end.

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