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I feel a fear

When my phone starts to ring.

I feel drops of sweat

Near my brows.

Your call is expected, I know.

Yet, it sets my heartbeat racing.

I assure you, there is

Nothing exciting about it.

It is pure fear.

There was a time,

Your name put a smile on my face.

Now, it only leaves a frown.

Your idea of how a woman should be

Is clashing with my mere existence.

Your restrictions are for my own good,

As you say.

You call it love,

But is it really love?

You coaxing and forcing me.

You keeping a track of my moves.

You justifying your acts as a display of care.


It is not love.

It is not even care.

It is simply a struggle for power.

Power over my mind and my body.

Power over my thoughts and my dreams.

You want to retain it, but you know

It will be over soon.

You know, I am going to rebel.

You know, I will not sit quiet for long.

I will set myself free,

And never return.

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