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Annu George




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You were that ship

Washed ashore,

On a stormy sunday morning

And I am the island,

Lonely, but not deserted

Visited, but left behind

You walked in drained,

And I gave you shelter

 you were cold

And I gave you warmth

You were hungry

And I fed you with everything I had

I knew you would leave

When help was here

I knew you would leave 

Like many before 

I knew you would forget me

Effortlessly like a dream

And I would be nothing 

More than a memory,

A faint recollection of your past

Or may be you will forget me

 Just like the passing wind,

Too soon, too fast

And I know you will never care 

To remember this place,

Which was once your everything,

You will fail to remember

 I was once there

And you move on

Like nothing happened

And may be that's why we never learn

Both you and me

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