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Hasmukh Amathalal



Hasmukh Amathalal


Spark in relation

Spark in relation

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It is definitely a serious matter

In the life where you are a lover

And love so much to a partner

Give a full chance to listen to her 


How does infidelity arise?

And surprise to you 

It is your shaky mind 

That finds an extra space


When you both meet

And greet passionately

With full commitment 

To the coming life at preset


If you are serious enough

Ad don't want to make it laughing stock 

Make it clear to partner that it is alright 

And you shall fight till an end to hold her right 


She may feel assured

And shall not repent for being lured

Does she also know how difficult is it to hold?

And tell the world about its seriousness 


If something else has taken place before marriage

Try to arrange 

The conversation in the earnest

And assuage her feeling at the best


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