Nupur Govila

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Nupur Govila

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Silent Music

Silent Music

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A raindrop 

Trickling down, 


Images on the glass.

And like the rain

You leave traces of you

In me

On me

And I become another;

Less me 


As the rain-laden clouds

With the stolen moments

I carry

As talismans -


Of a kingdom

Wholly mine

I am bound

And yet set free

There are universes

I traverse

Guided by the glow

Of a rainbow light

Which shines

From the marks

You left on me 

The unsaid words

Are the roadmap

To my destiny 

All that I will leave

As legacy

The root of the root

The essence of the truth

Of me

All I ever wanted to be

A canvas to poetry

A silence to symphony

Beyond the domain 

Of knowing -

You and me 

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