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Geeta Gahlot

Drama Tragedy


Geeta Gahlot

Drama Tragedy

Silence And Me

Silence And Me

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Sometimes the silence is precious 

It saves our energy, 

Protects us from losing ourselves. 

Silence makes sure that the peace is not lost, 

There are no harsh words which may hurt the listener, 

Boundaries are maintained and relations don't get bitter. 

This is the irony but this is the fact, 

The people who tell me that I am missed, 

Had nothing to talk when I was around. 

Now I have taken a different path and lost all expectations, 

It's not possible to reverse their hurtful actions and my sobbing emotions. 

Silence is what I have chosen, 

I have no words to express, 

No promises to keep or amend. 

I cannot become the part of this game, 

Where people pretend to listen and praise, 

Actually they only notice your wealth and fame. 

Let me be silent and express my pain, 

As it is easy for me to lighten my heart, 

And keep going without criticizing or spoiling anyone's name. 

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