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Janak Machchhar

Abstract Drama


Janak Machchhar

Abstract Drama



2 mins 298 2 mins 298

After the short-lived daylights of winter recede, these flying

Robbers surface from their damp hideouts. Their growing up is

Overlooked by an ignorant nanny, rain. Her task finishes upon

The delivery of a final ability: flying. Containing high grasping

Power, this skill develops fast; for stealing warm liquified rubies.

For them, each individual has liters, gallons (whatever) of this

Local but dignified ruby flowing within. They focus on stealing

Quality based lava of rubies rather than quantity; the former is 

Quite rare, whereas (I said above-) the latter is accessible. Guess I

Am being robbed on my vault door as I feel a strange feeling.

Out of hundreds of them, not all have fine, exquisite dexterity 

To rob people; some may lack somewhere, some everywhere.

However, the saw-blade cuts through and harnesses my prised

Possessions! Now, as I have them seen, a swift attack is only

Advisable: I slither my hand in proximity, and squish them there.

I expected that they would break into my vault this day also.

If I keep my windows shut and lights off, then there is no fuss

Regarding this breaking in. Well, if I do keep the aforementioned 

Things closed then my art will certainly suffocate! I keep them

Open and on because in my poems- I have many to cuss.

The liquified ruby robbers or mosquitoes do hinder and divert 

My procession of thought while I am writing. These guzzlings

Pests pierce my vault door or skin and suck up that ruby-lava

Or blood. Uncountable the numbers have become of my killing

Them. Time after rains is both of my blooming and struggling.

Apart from these momentary battles, I have met people who, in

Many ways are alike this buzzing insect; they constantly keep

Sucking our sentiments, emotions, happiness. Unable to handle

Their desperations- they will suck your brightness from you,

And will be doing so, until you crush them or they bury you deep.

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