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Manoj GS



Manoj GS




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I WISH to be myself, alone and free

In the midst of a deep forest under a tree

Away from all this pollution, it’s good not all agree


The only place where sounds are soothing to the ear

Thunder and roar of the waterfalls one can hear

The moment you reach it and are very near

Pollution muffled by the thicket making everything clear

All beings here camouflaged by what they wear

Living here I will not miss anyone Dear


Corona is on a world spree

Governments have passed a decree

Self Quarantine to which none can disagree

In the hope to make this world germfree


A disease spread by ones with a degree

Always affecting the poor who do the filigree

Looks like nature is the only referee


People used to the life of a jamboree

Silence is golden, not to this pedigree

Neighbors noisily making tons of puree

Isolation is not what I expected, most will agree


When will ALL this end so I can be free?

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