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Raju Ganapathy



Raju Ganapathy




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What is in a queue? Asked the bard of England

It is all in the queue, perhaps he didn’t know, in this ancient land. 

Figures of death and infection quite grotesque

Leadership ignored the signs of the second wave, miscued 

Announcements and pronouncements of the vaccine supply opaque

People stand for hours for a shot in the queue, asking all this kyu?

For a bed or in the crematorium there is also a queue

Cinema, pubs now under lockdown along with the discotheque

I hummed the song Que Sarah what will it be?

For the economic graph of the nation stands askew.

The leadership get roasted as if in a barbeque

Characterized by their absence, shying away of the critique. 

They think they can get away, as masses in our country seem to have a low IQ.

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