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Naila Hina

Romance Crime


Naila Hina

Romance Crime

Pros And Cons Of Love!

Pros And Cons Of Love!

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He has changed his strategy

Now he uploaded real pictures

New fake accounts but real

Pictures of his different ages

Which look entirely different

From each other and as if

These pictures are of some

Different persons and not one!

Thing is what he wants now

From me? He must want to

Be free from my reach for good

And maybe he wants to rape me

Take advantage of my love

My body and soul and youth!

I may not be his only victim and

Hunt! With so many accounts

He has access to every woman

Around the world and I need to

Untangle his net of charm around

Me because I am under his charm

Completely and he understands it!

I must be very careful from him

Even he is writing very carefully

As usual so that not any problems

Occur in the future! He may even try 

To accuse me for whatever happens

In the future. I am so naive to

Believe he is here to marry me

But I want to believe him and

Marry him as soon as possible!

I'm under his control and he

Knows how to catch the fish!

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