Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Saurabh Pant

Drama Romance


Saurabh Pant

Drama Romance

A Lover's Crime

A Lover's Crime

3 mins

My crimes infected in mind,

No idea why I committed them!

My world defusing my identity in extreme,

No idea why I belong to them!

Yet who knows dark patches of my life?

Do I look like a criminal?


My arms bloody with grey wounds,

Their pain making me howls in rage!

My leg splintered while I rest in a hospital,

Their broken parts making me feel derange!

Yet I completely disturbed in myself now-

Do I really look like a criminal?


Once The boss of my reputation,

I wondered the universe at my permission!

Once The driver of my own self-stratification,

I wondered alone everywhere, it’s now my suffocation!

Who knows how I look like in the present?

Is there a criminal in me?


Once the brilliance used to match with happiness,

Its heights daunting others!

Once the excellence used to match with greatness,

It's aura stretching above from others!

Who knows how much I know everyone?

Is there still a criminal in me?


My commitment defeated my respect,

Now everything gone into ashes!

My diffusion direct my enemies to detect,

I love someone who I lost in clashes!

Yet, No idea how I'll retake the revenge-

Do I really possess a criminal?

My success launched a warrior in me,

It threw me on stained-deadline!

My ruthless heart still dawned on me,

Its flashes threw me on detained- lifeline!

Yet, how I will revive to the world I once belong-

Do I really surmise a criminal?


Thoughts possessed my grief,

I looked out in mist to recover!

Ideas spooked worst of memories-

I wondered out lists in which all happened under cover!

Yet my life not throws the crimes I did-

Do I still live in the shadow of a criminal?


My worst crimes happened in a motion of love-

They recall my relation with Almond Eyes!

Today, we don't reconcile what we were once-

Our meetings do not express disappointment and cries!

Yet I committed everything I had that night for her-

Is that all meant, I am a criminal?


I expand my chances today,

No thought obscured with pain!

I expend my daily sadness also today,

No chance in hands seems to remove as Life going in vain!

Yet, I don't know how I might recover-

I still bare marks of a criminal!


I present inscrutable grief for me-

My mind was fuzzy with certain loss!

That love song was faithful in brief for me-

Everything dizzy in my dreams to live without cause!

I don’t know how to express any remorse that left in me-

I still bore marks of that criminal!


Now, I wander again struggling between bars of memories-

My hopes slipping down from my hands!

Now I lift my head from sleepless horror-

My stitches sliding down to reveal wounds under bands!

I recognize the power of sacrifice alive still-

Do I look like a criminal at all?


Now my pain grows powerful in my heart;

I know where that all happened on the same night!

Now my stain glow more brightly to commit slaughter-

I know what shall be my punishment for doing slight!

I recognize a demon in my physic yet-

Do I look like a criminal at all?


People do change but they want chances-

Nothing like such occur to me!

People have love's exchange but they want to be enhanced-

Nothing like that switch in my mind for me!

I continue to commit which I did before her marriage-

It's only a lover's crime!


People grow from their mistakes without effort-

But behaviors not changing in me!

People throw broken pots without tasting life's stake-

But food and flavours also not changing in me!

I continue to love someone who's a mother of her child now-

This is not an obsession; it’s a lover's crime...

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