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Amrita Mallik



Amrita Mallik




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Like a box of crayons or colour pencils

Are children, buoyant and innocent.

Each one is unique and is full of life

Schools or park reverberate with their mirth

Together they make the blank canvas spectacular

Together they shine and play.

Their sheer innocence has wisdom strong

Making living life enjoyable and easy-peasy.

Alas! The foolish adults cluster them

In segregations injecting hatred and colourism!

Instead of respecting their myriad hues

And allowing them to blossom uniquely,

These educated fools make them lose their colours

By making them appearing and behaving like mechanized dolls!

Without distinct colours life becomes monotonous

The monochrome world will be gloomy and pose a threat

To healthy growth and development.

It’s time to add wind to their wings

Let them fly on their own, let them giggle and play

Spare their childhood for hypocritical glistening gold!

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