Networking Romance

Networking Romance

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Always you are,

A fantasy in my dream you are,

Not really I am scared,

A mirage, burning passion

In real it has vanished,    I get back my sense of reality 

The romance, the words I shared and you shared

I will preserve them as pearls are stored in the shell,

Sometimes you are looked like a true 

Which I want to catch,Then we become the prey of ourselves

Sometimes I feel, no it is the time to break all,

Getting back to reality You too try to escape from your identity,

Again you wait for a false life 

Next day chat, like this we cheat each other for a long time,

The dream and fantasy are romantic sites,

Take away facts from the true life

We live in addiction, Addiction gives courage, the forgetfulness, insomnia, Illusion to escape from harsh reality to fantasy of life

It is true, I never escaped from the ecstasy of your love

The urge to be in your addiction, You have captured me,

A magnetic force,              I cannot escape, The hold is so tight, 

The connection is, Two hearts connection never breaks,

Like one electric current,The vibration of two hearts in one signal or Wireless connection of hearts in two computers web,

You chase me and I like to be chased,

Being prey of your fantasy and my dream,

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