Saurabh Goyal

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Saurabh Goyal

Tragedy Crime Thriller

The Crime

The Crime

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Said somebody from the crowd

Look she is alone,

The voice was very loud

Shaking her every bone!

A storm passed through her mind

What a wistful melancholic moment that was;

She was in a perplexed state

What to do now?

They; on the other hand, were like a hound

She; feeling a terrifying bound

Many eyes witnessing the time,

Still, nobody tried to protest the crime!

All were like puppets of them

Just stood in their place;

She felt crushed,

Trying to get out of the race

What happened exactly is not her story,

Bu your thoughts, your views, and your glory;

Whether to make her weak or strong,

It all depends on your decision

As the result of your imagination!

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