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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Yashica Wadhwa

Romance Drama


Yashica Wadhwa

Romance Drama



2 mins 422 2 mins 422

The butterflies in belly,

Are jumping upside down,

My skin having its complexion white,

Has all the dark scars inside,

The inner me is exactly like the grave,

My hopes walk to death every day,

Sometimes by disappointments,

Regular days by expectations,

Rather by giving love unreasonably,

We have been waiting from 63 days as an exact count,

My grave needs the get touched by your sunlight,

Your skin over mine,

And mine over yours,

We'd lock our arms together,

As in a cop being caught for his crime,

Prisoned for his deeds,

My head below yours,

Laying myself on your chest,

To assure I can feel your heartbeats running,

And then I may start talking to you about my dark parts,

The world has always seen me smiling,

Finding happiness like a kid catching butterfly,

Exactly that way I will speak about each and everything,

All my victories and my sorrows,

Would be shown to you,

Like the results of my achievements and failures,

I have inclined some conditions,

To get chained by arms,

So as to assure that I have my guardian,

To protect,

To love,

To care,

The minute we are done,

Keeping my eyes shut,

I'd push myself above your chest,

You grabbing my waist,

Get close like two edges connecting,

Swiftly our noses will tilt,

And the softness of our lips could be felt,

Yours over mine,

We may lock them for 5 minutes,

Feeling the pleasure of two holy souls attached,

Scoffing after our lips being touching,

You'd direct yourselves to my neckside,

Assuring to give me a bunch of hickeys,

Kissing slow and bitting low,

Hickeys are like score,

Score of pleasures received,

It isn't embracing to show you are in love,

Not just with the human,

Eventually with the soul,

Then smiling and thanking,

You'd kiss my forehead,

Like a king kissing his queen,

For his pride,

Let me be your bride?

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