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Five Children

Five Children

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Lived long ago, far beyond even time could know

Five children in a forest, without worry they would grow

Innocence was the first one, cutest of them all

Enthusiasm was the second one, he tried always to stand tall

Curiosity was the third one, he had a pointy chin

Fearless was the fourth one, the one always with a grin

Don’t ask me for the fifth one, he was the calmest of them all

Reflection was he called, he could make the rest of them stall

Now these children had powers, they could talk to forces five

Earth, fire and water, also the wind and sky

The children, they had a companion, loved and cared for them all

Kept them playing always, and they all heeded to his call

He called himself the gardener, and the children didn’t too much mind

As they played with him all days happy, and happy nights did unwind

The children had fun always, or that’s what they thought they only did

Little did they notice, their play kept the forest in good stead

One day the gardener did this, he gave them a tiny seed

Yet another game for them to play, with a hidden worthy deed

He would watch them play this time, with the seed on their own

Will they notice what they should, before the seed is sown

Curiosity inspected the seed, it noticed a tiny mouth

But Enthusiasm sprang forth suddenly and thrust the seed into the Earth

Reflection heard a faint voice, perhaps the seed did speak

But Fearless called for water, poured it over in a heap

Someone summoned the air, it was a gust with a strong sense

Reflection thought to himself, who else it could be but the cute innocence

The children they took turns and applied the elements in full

To their growing dismay, the seed but laid very still

Reflection summoned the sky, the seed needed space to grow

Curiosity called for fire, to clear up the piling snow

Fearless poured down water, more than the others did know

Enthusiasm smiled at earth, to clutch the seed some more

The tiny seed it could talk, and it had a message to play

Alas the children missed, all the words it could say

As the children tried harder, with their powers in might

The seed shrunk further, it slowly went out of sight

Here then the gardener stepped in, it was time for him to say

Even the five mighty elements, attention they had to pay

“Listen dear children, it was the best seed I gave you before

It could tell you how best, you could have had it sow!”

“All five forces on your side, the best that they may seem

Without the right play children, they will only make the seed thin”

“Even the best of the seeds you see, it needs the right environment

Its your play together always, that shapes the right circumstance”

If you heard the seed, it would simply have said

“Wait children don’t sow me, I am not yet ready to spread!”

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