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Romance Others


Shubhangi Kotwal

Romance Others



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What is Romance????? 

 For romance two persons not necessarily 

be in love, but like the same things together

 is enough!

Romance is chatting meaningless things on 

phone or sitting on College building 

stairs and passing the time with books

in hands but conversing on latest movies 

and songs and favourite dialogue

What is Romance ?????

Romance is deliberately missing the bus

While going home and then eating ''Bhel,

Samosa, Pakode ' at favourite roadside

lorry or restaurant and n' joying the 

company of each other

Romance is in staring at each other and

Smiling and group members are busy in

discussing on an important office issue!!

What is Romance ????

It is about holding hands and walking on

seashore and holding footwears in other

hand, it is about not opening an umbrella

to enjoy the first rain, while walking on the road!

Romance is about forgetting the age and 

not caring for " If others are looking at us ?? 

What will they say ?? " kind of attitude!

What is Romance ?????

Romance is all about being happy and

make other person feel happy

Romance is living in a moment as though

such time will never come again

so making the moments beautiful 

collectively and making it memorable !!!!!

Romance is in liking the same flower,

And liking the same colour, having same

Ideas and dreams and the same passions!!

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