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Nitin Bhardwaj

Romance Classics

My crime partner

My crime partner

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Your eyes tell me that 

You love me every day

No matter what may come

U will be there to stay,

your fake smile always pressurize me

To be jolly everyday, 

 And Your smile always for me like

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,

You are making me strong 

That I can find joy in every dark day, 

No matter is it Monday or a govt. holiday

You are always cute like a baby talking to an uncle today....

We both will live together from one day..

Till the end of this life ..we would discuss what we did everyday🤟

Your vibes are cherry blossom for me ...even if how bad I’m they are still polishing me every day, 

I don’t want you to be mature not at all

Just want you to be notorious like when Baby crawls everyday,  

I want to be your moong dal ka halwa that you love everyday and baby I always be persistent to make ur fake smile better each and everyday, 

Come let’s race today the hare and tortoise ...whoever will win ...let's bottoms up today 

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