Priya Singh

Drama Tragedy


Priya Singh

Drama Tragedy

A Heinous Crime

A Heinous Crime

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As I walked alone,

Alone in the lonely street of narrow lanes.

An automatic fear clutched my mind.

My fingers themselves formed a cross.

And my eyes rolled down to see my skirt length.

My head was throbbing..

And my head was popping into its socket as if it would come out any moment.

As I was walking alone,

Alone at around 10:00 pm in the lonely street of Delhi.

My head was oozing out because of several thoughts storming my mind.

Many questions went answered but increased my fear everytime.

I closed my eyes and began murmuring Hanuman shloka in my head.

As I remembered my grandmother saying,

"Remember his name whenever you feel afraid, he will save you from any ghostly shadow".

But that increased my fear when I remembered Asifa.

Why? why didn't I called my brother to pick me up?

Why? why I always unnecessarily fight with him?

Why? why am I so?

Huh!!!! I am such a mess.

I increased my pace and I was almost like running.

I forgot all my exhaustion.

May be its due to my adernalin.

Each passing minute was like a year and my house seemed to be non-existent on earth.

I walked and walked and walked......

A feeling of excitement surrounded me when I saw my house just a few blocks away.

I have never felt excited as such nor even when I get promotion or did my graduation wih excellent grades.

But that happiness was short lived when I heard few steps walking towards me.

I froze.

I couldn't move, even though I wanted to run.

I felt stuck and led to that spot.

I closed my eyes tightly and waited,

Waited for my second death or may be death with fists clutched tightly,

So tight that I felt my nails digging deep into my muscles.

I remained there in that condition for around a minute or two.

But nothing happened,

All was silent, only the sound of crickets could be heard.

It was the silence before the storm.

And slowly opened my eyes to face that storm.

But when i opened my eyes I saw.....

I saw two police officers standing there with a short of uneasineness on their face.

Before I could say something one of them spoke,

"Why are you walking so late at night and that too alone.Girls these days, huh".

Saying this they asked for my house address.

I pointed towards my house, silently.

They walked me to the gate and warned me to stay in.

"Girls don't need to work, and that too late at nights" that was the last staement they said.

I walked inside my house with the feeling of guilty.

As if I have committed a crime,

A heinous crime........

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