Summer Romance

Summer Romance

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Back in the summer of '09

When I was 14

A family of six found their home

In our neighbourhood.

They gave me a new object of affection

-Their son.

He was a year older than me maybe - I don't remember.

But I still have images of his beautiful face

Fresh in my memories.

He was handsome.

I was naive.

I bathed in the summer breeze

Drooling over him

And mango - shakes.

But how it broke my poor heart

That he never did the same.

Every evening at 5

He rode his Dadi to a nearby park

When Baba took me out

For our ice cream ritual.

We strolled in the sunsets - Baba and I

While my eyes were fixated on the lad

Though his never did.

But love works in mysterious ways

As another pair of spectacled eyes took their chance.

For when those younger at heart

Had failed to do it

Our grandparents had started their summer romance.

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