Hare Mite

Drama Tragedy Crime


Hare Mite

Drama Tragedy Crime

Alphabet of crime

Alphabet of crime

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Alphabet of crime

Atrocities is taking all over our country

Brutality is draining our sweat

Corruption is snatching away our wealth

Demolition is cracking down our city

Eruption is taking all over our heart

Frustration is pushing us closer to our grave

God fearing prophet are no where to be find

Hijacking our rights and freedom

Injecting pain and suffering into our blood

Justifying our hardwork with hike in taxes

Knot tie within ourselves is not enough to make a bond

Lambasting our motherland

Mocking our ancestors

Neglecting our mother tongue for us survive

Orphanity toll is increasing day by day

Promiscuity is now legalized as a job

Queue at the entrance of Secretariat to appeal for our right and freedom

Responsibility bestow upon them aren't fulfill

Sacrifice made by our heroes aren't honoured

Tarnishing the beauty of our flag

Uphold the spirit of our mother land

Vanish away those enmity taunting your image

Wipe Out those intruder absorbing our treasure

Xeric them all by their grief

Yield our Nation from the sinking ship

Zip-up your Mercy upon them and unleash your wrath.

O mother land , you have created us, for us to serve you with our strength and hard work.

Bear our pain and render us from modern slavery trade.

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