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Venkatesh R

Drama Inspirational

Freedom From Crime

Freedom From Crime

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Dear diary, 

Day in and day out, media covers crimes and punishment, but none dwell deep into it.

Why a crime occurs?

While investigating the case,

The first report of crime gets 


The history of the case and 

All the evidence gets collected.

Still, why does crime occur?

With all the papers, the prosecution 

Ensures that justice gets delivered.

People get sentenced and fear prevails but not for long.

Still, why crime occurs?

Cctv camera, modern gadgets, protective devices, and weapons do exist.

Still, crime exists respective of any discrimination.

If more emphasize gets laid, 

On studying and recording of the root cause, the crime itself can be prevented in the future, with the right strategy

By directing the government and citizens.

When some nations, 

Have great control of crimes, 

Why not all?

Are criminals been raised or can they get wiped out with a strategy?

The need is a womb full of philosophy and prison with a wall of books.

Cage the mind with resilience powered by meditation.

The parallel world exists between God and evil, they fight for you, dissipate the emotions with mindfulness.

And emerge victoriously.

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