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Leoni Robens

Romance Fantasy Children


Leoni Robens

Romance Fantasy Children



3 mins



The Phantom like a ghost

Rekindled love a fire bird

Thirsting for water

To quench its parched throat

Who was this dashing? 


Riding the breeze

His horse Valour

Serenading his lady love

With Auburn hair

And roving eyes like smouldering embers


If you did listen to his song

Its whistles sounded

Like breeze as it hummed

Ooooooouueeee, Eeeeeeehh, Eeeeeeeeouuee, Ahhhhhh

Whooooo, Wheeeeeeeeee

Whooooooosh, Pheeeeeeeeeee

On a warm breezy day

Or a silent one


Whilst the Auburn lady

Her fiery leaves

The Phantom courted

Like a moth to a flickering flame

Called the Flame Love

Gulmohar tree

Like matches lit up



Her glowing face

As he struck to set her

Ignited with flames

And as he gently serenaded her

Gusts of breeze through 

Leaping flames with fire

She burned under the scorching blaze

Of his everlasting caresses


The Phantom now with his lady Lyre

Sang with her, his musical lute

As if the chords were her pyre


Of love's martyrdom notes

Through leaves and braches

Even tender Peacock feathered blossoms

His wind 

Would whistle or howl

Together they sung

Like show stoppers

The centre stage


Once in a while

Like Cockalorums  

Maybe scavenger crows, ravens, magpies 

 Lucky nightingale Queens

Or  amorous King Bull finches

Bragged about

The Auburn Lady and the Breeze Phantom

And Sung in chorus

Like a choir

Under her ample bosom

Delightful songs

To go with breezy duets

Sometimes like trios or quartets

Caws, whistles, chattering

Like Babumoshai Chatterjee's

And Mahashoya Moushamis Banerjee's

 Bengali connoisseurs

 Their limericks, stanzas, poetries and posies


Sometimes the opera would be deserted

Yet would the Phantom

Sing his song

By the Breeze

He nudged his Lady Auburn

And through the branches

And leaves it shaded

Like a peep hole

Where peeped the rising sun, morning stars

Even waves of the nearby shores

His glistening aureole or halo

As a King's crown studded with rubies and diamonds

A tiara or coronet 

His colossal clouds wafting the breeze along

So hers with leaves and flowers

A mighty festoon of emerald and flaming scarlet

The Auburn Lady

And the Phantom of the Opera


The Auburn Lady

Her flaming leaves

And Breeze

The Phantom

Stood like strong masts

Their great barge of "Friendship"

Among the tall buildings

Beside loud cars honking

And bridges winding

Above its silhouette

Yet the stillness of the towering

Gulmohar tree

And her strange powers

Over the charming Phantom Breeze


Would steal the limelight

In a silent holy night

By the many pixies, fairies, and goblins

Who lived in nooks and crannies

Crevices on her tender bark

One nudge, one loving shove

She would not shirk

Her response 

To Breeze the Phantom

Who would stir like magic

Her auburn leaves like fire flames


On an ebony trunk

Her statue and shade beneath 

Those who tried to steal them both

Or copy the Phantom

Just plainly couldn't


He just could not

Live without his Lady Lyre

The Gulmohar tree

And she without the shining

Knave of armour the Breeze

The Phantom now parted her veils of

His Auburn bride

In the silent holy night

One could see their precious crowns and mighty festoons

Filled with stars instead

Of morning light

And faint specks of fairy dust

That sprinkled

Over the

Auburn Lady

And the Phantom of the Opera!



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