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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others



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I enjoy unique bonding

With my friends, parents and sibling

Where physics and chemistry both play an intriguing role

In errand to camouflage our spectrum in manifold

But alas! I hardly could fathom

How bonding engender a new quality and a new dispensation at random

Eventually, quantity emerged with a distinct magnitude

Hardly majority could comprehend its inherent attitude

People are merely sailing in the flow only to acknowledge nature’s inexplicable gratitude!


Emerging of technology and its wide vista

Allure us to tune with its inherent strength and enigma

We are propelled to enjoy the ambiance being designed by technology as if a grand fiesta

We just tend to mesmerize

Unable to envisage how it going to engulf our entity with an amazing tide

We are forced to fall into its prey, having no option to suffice!


Align and malign, two opposite trend

With a motion both tendencies flow within us in an unrestrained frame

One oppose with other

A new synthesis emerged with a huge clatter

Ultimately it is a motion that alone express its unique presence

Scripting the physical existence with amazing essence!


In Human spectrum

Nature honestly produce her reflection at random

Nature alone endows us its bounty in grand rendition

Hardly we could envisage innumerable waves and energy

Beyond our spectrum plays the key role to form an intriguing synergy

We poor humans how could we anticipate

Myriad chemical and physical behavior determines our attributes

Which is just a nature’s endeavor to construe our configuration with an enigmatic uproar

Thus the process of evolution rolls with a grand manifestation

We along with other creatures in nature’s floor

Make their distinct presence with amazing flavor and grandeur!


All creatures in nature’s floor express their entity with unique signals of expression

Plants too express their vibes with sheer jubilation

Both complement each other with a lovely bonding

It is difficult to realize that metals, minerals and other elements

Configure all physical entity with an amazing mechanism which is always prevalent

We are confused to draw a line

Where electromagnetism and bonding having different dispensations with intriguing design

To state our distinction which is only prime!

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