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Adya Ghoshal



Adya Ghoshal


Of Human Hope

Of Human Hope

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Take off the blindfolds, 

to perceive the magic, 

that nature beholds. 

A dreamy place, 

Of love and hope,

and blissful days. 

A haunting race, 

Of survival, 

The fittest rule,

Over ignorant minds. 

The king using baits,

To misguide the fools, 

They torture their race,

Over a treasure they drool, 

That exists only in their minds. 

Protecting their creator, 

By killing other creations, 

Of the same creator, 

Losing touch to emotion, 

Hatred flows across nations,

As blood thirsty psychopaths, 

Murder innocents over temptation,

Losing sense of the right directions,

With hate, lust, jealousy, in hearts, 

These madmen pray for salvation? 

But even after the most ferocious storms, 

Was hate ever able to defeat love? 

Even when the entire forest burned down, 

Was it ever able to stop green vines, 

From growing again? 

The flowers did bloom in rain, 

And as long as there are people, 

Who stand strong for love and kindness, 

As long as I can strive to be such example, 

I will keep holding onto the Hope, 

Of finding humanity in human nature.

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