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Infantina Thanga Nivetha



Infantina Thanga Nivetha


My Guardian

My Guardian

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Oh, forever and ever I am thankful to Him, 

the one who breathed life into me to make me see this wonderful world, 

created out of His immense love

I ain't just His humble servant,

I am up above that 

He is my legal guardian having every right to shape my future

When trouble hits me hard and in dilemma

He gives me hope uplifting my spirit

Gifting me insights and solutions to all of my problems

Encourages every day to live for His purpose

He is my refuge and fortress

If He forsakes me, what will I do?

Where will I go? 

How will I survive?

I am too afraid to lose Him

My whole being is nothing without His blessing

He is the king of this whole universe

One day I will reach His place

Yes, I am hopeful

I worship Him daily looking at the brighter picture

A small place in heaven is all I ask for my loyalty

Is this too much to ask?

I trust him with all my heart, mind and soul

For He opened my eyes

His grace is sufficient for me

Every day I depend on Him

He is my merciful Lord who knows every secret and mischief

Yet large-hearted enough to tolerate and forgive

Gently showing the road I need to travel, when at times I am tempted to go the wrong way

Oh, what will I do without His presence?

No one supports me the way He does

He pulled me from the dark

And pushed me into the light

If not for Him

I wouldn't be where I am

My unconditional love for Him has no limits

The atheists may deny His existence and try to bewilder me

But I know the truth and my faith cannot be shaken

If Adam and Eve were confused and ate poison without knowledge if starved to death,

Will I exist and will these unbelievers exist today?

Doesn't He have the right to say we are undeserving of His tenderness?

Doesn't He have the right to punish us for every silly mistake we make after knowing Him?

Doesn't He have the right to deny our life support system, the fresh air, food and water we consume?

Doesn't He have the right to curse earth and bring absolute destruction? 

Why didn't…He….do….that? 

Are we all virtuous?

We cannot lie in front of Him neither can we hide as He is omniscient

All I want is everlasting comfort from Him

Other things are EARTHLY

An Ever living Superstar He is

I crave solely for His care and affection

I can't think of a day without Him

He is the center of my universe

Exceedingly talented, 

He can construct an excellent future beyond my imagination

He is the only one capable of making all my dreams come true

With Him as a driving force

I don't look back to the past worrying about what could have been made right

The present is the one and only test He has given me

All I want is His reckless love

Whatever it takes to enter His kingdom

I will do in my own way for it is not a race

He is the most powerful which none of us can deny

I will feel very safe and protected only with Him on my side

Eternal heaven is the place I belong

Am I not meritorious? 

Will He reject me?

I am either His asset or a loss 

I will not cease

I will not cease to prove a point

At the end of my temporary assignment,

My balance sheet will show my spiritual prosperity.

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